Absences PSA
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Ooc — Admins
Hey all! With summer in full swing and lives getting busy, we wanted to take the opportunity to refresh everyone on how absences and NPC status work on Wolf.

In order to be considered "present" within a pack on Wolf, a character needs to either be an active member or an NPC. In order to be made an NPC, the player needs to request this from the pack managers.

PMs may offer leniency based on circumstance, but as soon as a character goes inactive, it's understood that they may be referenced as being gone from the pack. If you are concerned about this and want to work out a reasoning behind the scenes, or if it has only been a few days, we suggest reaching out to your pack and/or PMs and discussing how this might be handled! PMs can often offer missions or other reasoning to justify character absence.

Extended character disappearances can sometimes leave adjacent characters in an awkward place, so we want to be sure everyone is on the same page! Communication is key.

An additional note on NPCs - addition of NPCs is subject to PM approval and so is retention. PMs are welcome to assume that NPC wolves have dispersed as they wish, though we suggest both player and PM working out an acceptable timeline when the NPC is added.