Stone Circle Kvarsheim
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In a meadow that spans miles wide, a small circle made of moderately-sized boulders too heavy to move can be found. Some believe it a sacred place, for the mystery of how the rocks were arranged just so— but others find it little more than noteworthy. The meadow surrounding the quiet spot, however, boasts beautiful wild flowers throughout the spring and summer months, and is often filled with herds of grazing deer.
Description written by Magpie.
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When a trade, specialty, or mastery thread is completed the character earns reputation. This metric is used to determine the character's value to the pack, how likely they are to influence leadership, whether or not they're trusted enough for higher ranks, and permission for characters to marry or have children.

+2 per completed Trade thread.
+6 per completed Specialty thread.
+10 per completed Mastery thread.

Individuals who are too young, too old, disinterested in the trades/rep system, visiting, or those who have been wed to a resident tradesman / specialist, are included as civilians.

Participants are encouraged to keep an OOC tally somewhere in their character's Pawprints thread, or in the Members-Only forum! It isn't mandatory to use this system either, if you'd rather keep things simple.

New arrivals to the pack are sorted according to their age in to the Civilian tier. Individuals that wish to pursue trade skills are then ranked among the Tradesmen, and when they have enough reputation to specialize their role they are elevated to the appropriate Specialist rank.

The highest tier, the leadership roles, are not exclusive to characters with a mateship or children but they do become like the mothers and fathers of the group, guiding the heim. Their associate the Nornir is closer to a big-sister or big-brother role, and they are viewed as loyalists that may step in to a more controlling position should anything happen to the active Móðir or Faðir.


Móðir (Alpha Female)
Faðir (Alpha Male)
Nornir (Beta)


The higher reputation a character gets, the higher rank denomination they can earn.
< highest | I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII · IX · X | lowest >


These ranks are equal in value. As reputation is gathered certain individuals may stand out. With enough reputation they'll be ranked among the specialists.

Læknir (Caregiver)
Sögumaður (Chronicler)
Hátalari (Counselor)
Veiðimaður (Hunter)
Kappi (Mercenary)
Markvörður (Naturalist)
Skáti (Scout)
Andlegur (Spiritualist)


Afi (elder man)
Amma (elder woman)
Bróðir (men)
Systir (women)
Húni (children)
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(Prism Grove)
A dense aspen forest. The floor is layered in grass, moss, and patches of fern. The trees are white with barring, very tall, and their leaves shift to vibrant colors throughout the seasons.


(Secret Creek)
A river that creeps through the aforementioned forest. The water levels fluctuate seasonally. Small fish can be found in the shaded areas most days, with larger fish appearing rarely. It is a relaxing spot to fish or to swim, as the water is cool and lazy with its flow.


(Seer Stones)
A series of way-stones stands before the trees. How they got there, nobody knows. The stones follow a natural curve and form a circle. There are various stones; they were once named by the previous inhabitants but Sanja does not know this.


(Hunting Fields)
A spacious hillside covered in wildflowers, bordered by aspen trees. The meadow is many miles wide, and attracts herds of deer who graze upon the flowers.