Hideaway Strath Hildibrandr
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Pack Name: Hildibrandr
Acronym: HIL
Colors: #FFC400 + #000000
Founded: 06/01/2022

Current: Fury - Fullvalda* (06/01/2022 - Present)

Past Leader Name - (Start Date - End Date)


TIER 1 - The Crown
Fullvalda: Sovereign ruler of the Clan, male or female. Their word is absolute law
Jotunn: Consort to the Sovereign
Hilmir: Crown Prince/Heir
Vakker: Other Royal Children

TIER 2 - The Scepter
Jarl: High Lord/Lady, Second In Command
Skald: Council Members
Völva: Witches/Seers

TIER 3 - The Nobility
Thane: Royal Advisor
Freyr/Freya: Lord/Lady
Hersir: Commander/Warchief

TIER 4 - The Sword
Merkismathr: Veteran Viking
Huskarl: Special Forces
Valkyrie: Highest Viking Rank
Radningar: Mid Viking Rank
Marauder: Lowest Viking Rank
Vanir: Viking In Training/Children 6+ months in age

TIER 5 - The Commoners
Thegn: Healers
Heimr: Subordinate/Rank for those who wish to be in the Clan but do not possess Viking qualities, or don't know what  specialty to pursue as a Viking
Thrall: Newest Members

TIER 6 - The Youth
Bjar: Children under 6 months old

TIER 7 - The Lowly
Taka: Captives/Slave
Fury is in peak condition
Health (100/100)
Fury claims a +6 buff in all combat dice rolls