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tags only for reference! as of 12/15, jakoul has departed from akashingo on her mission :)
feel free to unmark her for now since she'll be gone so long <3

She had waited too long.

Snow clumped on the lands beyond Akashingo, it would do her best to go before they piled too high. A fellahin had bathed her in the wellspring, washing the sand and dust of Akashingo off of her fur. She had been given a small dose of relief for the limp in her leg. She had been fed so that she need not worry about her hunting for a day or two.

Now, cleaned of things and feeling her purpose in full now, she knew it must be time.

She had cooed a low note to @Ramesses before she departed into the dusky night. Briefly she stole away a moment with @Toula if the girl would allow, doting upon her for a moment.

On her way out to the borders, she stole another moment elsewhere. This time with the monument to Maegi. She did not speak for it, or mourn in vocal ways. Only lead against the stone for some time.

Then she was set, off into the night.