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tracking trip for the boys!

while a bear ravaged the coastline, paleo was experiencing a time of good change.
today mahler trekked with @Emmerich and @Siku from the limits of the hollow. they were on the trail of a lame elk. presently the advisor halted them at the base of the mountain.
"sehen," he grunted to the boys, showing the new dung and tufts of hair. "es ging aufwärts."
he motioned as he spoke, and directed the young hunters upward into the ridges, following suit in their wake.
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Their tracking journey had livened Emmerich considerably. He trotted quickly alongside his father and Siku, pausing to check at scents he did not recognize. Even the crispness of the air did little to phase him. Sunyellow eyes were fixed on the path ahead.

They stalked a lame elk. The scent was unique to the white-hooded guardian. He was eager to try anything with his father. It usually took little persuasion to get the boy in on any task that needed doing. He had grown into a strong sense of duty to Paleo and his parents. Hunting and patrolling were among his favorite things to do with Mahler.

Emmerich noted the scat and hair left by their prey. When prompted to go ahead, he cast one look to Siku before darting forward.
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he did not say just how happy he was to go with his father and brother of paleo.

perhaps he did not need to say such. yet he could not stop his head from filling with a million thoughts as they trekked the land beyond the hollow. he thought of trades to come with germanicus and the mystical woman he had been meant to teach.

he nearly missed the instruction from mahler!

a blush rose to his cheeks, but his brother was off and siku was quick to follow on gangly legs. so the new line of order in their tracking would be emmerich at the helm, siku sandwiched between and mahler dutifully behind them.

his nostrils flared for other fresh signs of the elk.