Greatwater Lake Greatwater Lake
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Pack Basics

Name: Greatwater Lake
Ranks: Click!
Location: Kintla Flatlands
Acronym: GWL
Founded: 4/4/23
Pack Colours:  #AEA5D5 #1D6754


Zharille: Alpha Female (4/4/23)
Khaba: Alpha Male (4/4/23)
Racharra: Alpha Cub (4/4/23)


Iqniq Wrote:A massive lake set in the heart of the Kintla flatlands, this water source is nearly impossible to miss. Spanning miles in either direction, this lake is surrounded by beautiful trees, vast wildlife, and is made even more magnificent by the breathtaking backdrop provided by the Sunspire mountain range in the distance. This lake is fed by multiple rivers and streams which allows this reservoir to maintain a consistent water level year round. Unfortunately, due to it’s size, Greatwater Lake is unlikely to fully freeze over during the winter months. Risking the ice is ill advised.
138 Posts
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Philosophy / Principles

These wolves are non-verbal and feral (for the most part). They are constantly warring among themselves to be on top, and so the ranks shift frequently as individuals exert their will. There is always an alpha and an omega, and there is always the chance to switch things up!

Special Considerations

Although it is not required that a character be non-verbal it is good to keep in mind that many of these characters use body language to communicate, which could be difficult to interpret


This pack is not spiritual but individuals are welcome to their beliefs.
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