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Maybe someone Marina hasn't met?
Marina spent her days fussing over her den, constantly changing her mind about whether it was really ready or not. She was beginning to put on weight, though it felt as if she might never truly enjoy a meal again. Eating was just such a chore now. Still, she dutifully increased her portions, knowing that she wasn't just eating for herself anymore.

Just now she was taking a break from rearranging her den for the dozenth time to force her way through a meal. Fish; not her favorite thing, but Marina was getting used to it. She sighed to herself. In spite of the support of Moontide, her life often felt lonely now in a way it never had before. There was no one to plan with for the future that was fast approaching; it was all left to her.
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Heph was returning from the plains, she had found it a verdant hunting ground chalked full of its own secrets and had enjoyed chasing the young fawns that she could stumble across as long as she could. She felt that it was important to have a mental map of the areas surrounding Moontide both for its own defense and because they were often places she needed to travel through to go further afield. So the chasing and running and hunting was enjoyable as well as productive. Usually this activity bore no fruit, but she had been lucky and found a fawn that must have escaped the clutched of another predator only to fall to her own jaws and after dragging it back to Moontide and caching most of it she had set to preparing the fur which would not be ready for another day or so and also dragging a good chunk of the meat to find a place to settle and eat. She had begun scoping out den sites and found a few promising ones, but had not settled on anything.

Her jaunty pace through familiar land slowed abruptly when she recognized a wolf. She appeared to be near a den of sorts as well as showing signs of pregnancy. Approaching Heph wagged her tail setting down the meat and greeting her. "Hello! I'll admit I can't forget such a pretty face, but I don't think we've met before. I'm Heph." She introduced herself, unsure if the other wolf would remember her, but she thought she smelled enough like Moontide that she hopefully would not come off as a complete intruder. There was a playful smile across her features, something lightly teasing but bright.