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Bearclaw Valley

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Full Name: Indra Redleaf
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 (April 3rd, 2016)
Birthplace: Phoenix Maplewood
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Profile of Indra: Details
a small, sleek creature of feminine angles and a soft aspect. her liquid eyes are perhaps her most striking feature: they are large and expressive and tipped in melted amber. she sports a cape of bold russet that cloaks from her long ears to her little nub of a tail, gently fading to saccharine honey around her flank and upper limbs. her chest, muzzle and legs are all splashed in creamy nougat, with strong wild-bay countershading along the front of each limb. presently indra is missing her tail and the cut is still raw and tender.
"the unraveling thread." born a gentle wolf, the iniquities of the world have slowly chipped away at indra's benevolence and exposed a bitter core.

with soft fur as bold as raving fire, one might expect indra's personality to match. surprisingly, indra's demeanor is the polar opposite of her blazing vestments - she is tame in her interactions with most wolves. by and large indra is a benevolent soul with innocent bearing - she has trouble killing, even for food -- as a result, she is somewhat malnourished and thin. very few things can rouse her from her docile state -- however, any threat to her sister laurel is met with utmost hostility.

indra suffers from occasional mild hallucinatory episodes -- a genetic throwback to her mother. while most of her visions are benign and take the form of animals or spirits, sometimes her visitors are violent. as a result, indra has immense self-doubt about her perception of reality and can sometimes seem distant.
Indra was born to Saena & Reek, alpha pair of Phoenix Maplewood. Shortly thereafter her family splintered due to infidelity; Saena took the puppies southwest to Silver Creek when the pups were scarcely a month old. Indra has no recollection of her life before the move and considers Silver Creek her home.

Indra's third month, Milo passed away from sickness. Saena disappears from the Wilds.

When Indra was four months old, she and Laurel were lured away from the Creek and stolen to Larksong Grotto by their father, Reek.

When Indra was six months old, her father's new wife Jhala gave birth to puppies. Indra views this as the spear that fractured her family, and has since become withdrawn and somewhat unpropitious.

While Jhala's puppies were several months old, Indra attempted to poison them. Caught in the act, Indra turned and fled. (thread here)

Sickened physically by carrying the poisons, Indra feverishly fled into the wilds and was found by Saena. (thread here)

For a short time, Duskvale served as Indra's home - a pack established by her mother Saena and Warbone. Her reunion with her mother was bittersweet for Indra missed Laurel terribly. Indra was lonely without her sibling, and set out to find Laurel. By late winter Indra is reunited with her sister and the pair re-enter the Wilds.

The pair meet Xan, a lone male in Bearclaw Valley who has ambitions to found a pack. They decide to stay, and with Bearclaw as their new home, Bearclaw Valley Pack is formed. (thread here)

During an excursion outside of Bearclaw, Indra meets a man named Ithrik. Her trusting nature gets the better of her and he savages her. Indra narrowly escapes, with major injuries including the loss of her tail. (thread here)

Indra makes it back to Bearclaw, but is violently ill with an infection. (thread here). She is cared for extensively by packmate Blondine -

A month post injury, Indra snaps and for the first time in her life, demonstrates violence. (thread here) In the weeks following Indra suffers multiple mental breakdowns due to frustration, anxiety, trauma, isolation and extreme physical stress on her body.

Blondine is attacked by a wolverine, and Indra ineptly tends to her. (thread here) In an uncharacteristic fit of anger, Indra attempts to track down the wolverine and is trapped by a sudden extreme snowstorm. She is rescued several days later by Laurel, Xan, and Blondine. (thread here)

Pack History
Parents: SAENA & REEK
Littermates: MILO & LAUREL
Half-sibling through Reek: TAMBOURINE
strikethrough denotes deceased or MIA
DUSKVALE - Puppy - Yearling
LONE WOLF - Yearling - Present
Profile of Indra: Additional Information
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"he knows that it's impossible to tell a wolf
from a man if
he keeps his chin up
and his teeth clean."

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