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Basic Info
Full Name: lycaon eyjolfur (by adoption)
Subspecies: coastal wolf x eastern timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 yr (may 28, 2016)
Birthplace: ankrya sound
At A Glance
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Profile of Lycaon: Details
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a composition of ash and cinder and ember. albescent. he has a distinct, pale countenance--framed by eyes that smolder like embers of coal after a fire. his fur is pretty consistently grimy and clumped with muck, but if you hosed him down he'd be an off-white overall. he's still got his adolescent lankiness, and a stole of thick fur that gives him the appearance of having a mane.
lycaon never really fully embraced the “neurotic” chestnut that is seemingly hurled like spears from the skylight of his family tree. he is the essential antithesis of anyone that ever raised him. he is edgeless, genial and savors whatever measure of world peace he can harvest from his days. (whether or not this has been developed as a self-preservation strategy against the proliferation of cray in his upbringing has yet to be determined).

schemas––lycaon wrestles with abandonment issues and internalized anger, and finds that shutting down is his go-to mechanism to coping with the immensity of these emotions. he in deals from a deck of extremes and finds great difficulty in forming and keeping relationships, and for this reason avoids connecting meaningfully with others--instead electing to withdraw into a shell as listless and isolated as no existence at all.

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in late may of 2016, unto the saltwinter clan, a trio of pups were brought forth by a captive female named lusca and begot by her consort who lived within the ancient sanctity of donnelaith.

lusca and the pups were provided for for some time. caiaphas was often overbearing and had designs of overtaking the coveted role of Mother once the pups were weaned, in the meantime imprinting on them and enforcing distance between lusca and her babies.

one night, when the pups were old enough to wean, lusca found a window of opportunity to break free of her meaningless existence as an incubator. she made off in the night with wylla and ingram, leaving lycaon to the wardship of caiaphas (perhaps with the intention to return for him later, when things were deemed safer for her to do so).

caiaphas made swift provisions for the abandoned imp. for months lycaon's mind was snugly woven in yarn spun from mana's cognitions––she guided him spiritually and practically; teaching him to fish, to scrimmage, to defend and at times, of course, offend.

august 24th, four months after he was born and two after he'd been cruelly abandoned by all he knew-–his only tether to this land was dispatched by the tumultuous sea-tide she guarded so fiercely.

lycaon was left confused and alone. he paced the coast and riffled under every stone and plunder. the grotto, even, fell eerily quiet. assuming that he was once again abandoned by his tribe, lycaon's mourning took shape as anger and after a week of looking for leads to caiaphas, the boy packed up his grief and set off due west, looking for his kin.

in an unlikely turn of events, he crossed paths with his brother, ingram, on the first leg of his journey. they were able to identify themselves as brothers through a mutual history and continued journeying as a pair to relocate their mother.

as fate would have it, lusca was nowhere to be found and hope subsided to discouragement. as winter closed in the duo decided the next task would be to reconvene with their ornery sister, whom they anticipate to be disturbing the locals and their peace wherever she goes.

resolved to their intentions, the boys set about returning to the motherland where it all began.
Pack History
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his mother is a wayfaring picaroon going by the name lusca and his father was her amenable and initially-but-begrudgingly-accepted soul-tie, tachyon. together they produced lycaon and his two siblings––a rakehell of a sister they named wylla and a brother with whom he shares an intractable bond–– ingram. he found maternal affection in a brackish wych by the calling caiaphas, or simply mana to him.
ankyra sound, saltwinter pack –– youth (xi), juvenile, 05/16-08/16
dispersal wolf –– juvenile, young adult 08/16-01/13
griminsmal –– beta 01/13-present

Profile of Lycaon: Additional Information
"personality" headshot by chusi/meebee, "appearance" art by indra/lauren
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