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Basic Info
Full Name: Phiipa Chaseri Derian
Subspecies: Great Plains x Coywolf Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (January 15, 2015)
Birthplace: Derian Rise
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Phiipa is a petite little thing, weighing only 80 lbs and standing at 28 inches tall and 4.6 feet from nose to tail. She has long graceful legs, which make her a great runner, though strength wise she is kind of lacking. Her fur is downy soft, she preens it daily and likes to look pristine. It's a striking golden orange color, with some black ticking here and there. It flows neatly along her small frame, and has a soft wavy appearance. She has a silvery grey mask above her eyes, and her eyes are bright amber gold like the sun. She's young and beautiful, and as bright as the sun.
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Phiipa is the epitome of kindness, passion, and loyalty. She is very polite, and was raised to be that way. She has a hard time saying no to people, never one to hurt feelings. If something that she wanted was also something a friend wanted, she'd give it up in an instant, swearing that she was fine even if it broke her heart. She's extremely smart, which makes up for what she lacks in physical prowess. Undeniably kind, optimistic, and far too giving for her own good.
Phiipa Chaseri Derian was born January 15, 2015 at Derian Rise to loving parents Phillip and Angelica Derian. The second born of three sisters, older sister Vinnira and younger Sophy. Derian Rise was a very family oriented pack, the pups always came first. They were very sophisticated, females were taught to be ladylike and males taught to be gentlemen. At a young age, the alpha female, also her mother died of illness. Phillip was devastated and the only thing keeping him going was his three daughters. He loved them more than anything and doted on them with all he could offer.

When she turned one and a half year old, Phiipa and her two sisters left Derian Rise to start their own life, away from the sophistication and laws of their home pack. They bid their father farewell and left. They travelled together for a while, until there was one very stormy night and the three girls got separated. Phiipa found Teekon Wilds, there she began the search for her sisters, and maybe even a new home.

After entering Teekon Wilds, Phiipa found her way to a new pack. She liked them a lot, and met a friend along the way. The handsome Ghost. She had feelings for him, but started to get afraid that she was rushing into things. After thinking over things, she decided to leave the Ghost and the pack she was joining, and return to searching for her sisters. A few months later she returned to Teekon, still without Vinnira and Sophy.

In Teekon once again, Phiipa joined the pack Easthollow and has enjoyed their company immensely. Not long after she joined, her sisters showed up in a forest near her new home, and overjoyed, the golden woman brought her sisters back to join her new pack. They were together again at last.

After the awful event of Steady's death and tales of danger, the sisters decided to leave Easthollow and Rising Sun Valley, in search of a safer home.
Pack History
Phiipa was born in the lush forests and meadows of Derian Rise to mother Angelica Derian and father Phillip Derian. She had two litter mates, first born Vinnira and last born Sophy.

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DERIAN RISE 1/15/15 - 1/15/16 (Pup -> Omicron -> Delta)
LONE WOLF 1/15/16 - 6/21/16
SILVER CREEK 6/21/16 - 6/30/16 (Joining)
LONE WOLF 6/30/16 - 1/30/17
EASTHOLLOW 1/30/17 - 6/20/17 (Lambda -> Theta -> Zeta -> Omega -> Theta -> Iota)
LONE WOLF 6/20/17 - now

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