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Basic Info
Full Name: Drogon Ansbjørn
Subspecies: Mixed (coyote, northern rocky mtns., mackenzie valley wolf, etc)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (April 1st, 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath, Teekon Wilds (Teaghlaigh)
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war stalks proud. he is bane of mortals, butcher of men,
— s.r. | at the plains of troy

Part 1 — or is it 2? — of the mitten twins. Drogon is a mirror — albeit masculine — image of his mother with only a few differences. A tall, heavy hitting boxer's physique with thick, impressive musculature to match that rivals his tundrian ancestory. His pelage is naturally plush and has darkened to it's final transition: a blue-black that fades to ash grey down his ribcage and stomach, with a solid black face, accented by the frosted silvery “winter” mane. He bears black stockings broken by frosty blueish grey mittens (the same color of his mane). His eyes are sharp glacier blue. Drogon is handsome but contributes that some of his attractiveness might have something to do with his bad boy swagger.

the twins are inspired by ragdoll cats though drogon is modeled specifically after this cat.

character reference sheet by natsumewolf @ deviantart + commissioned by cruz

VOICElisten · described as a deep, husky timbre; the richest whiskey steeped in smoke.

zach mcgowan
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100% health
currently fit as a fiddle
i’m a cobra and the gods help me unscar my skin and swallow my heart whole and eat men alive. —Melissa Lee-Houghton (x)

LEIJONA · the lion

(ง’̀-‘́)ง charming. cheeky af. very james dean rebel without a cause & juvenile delinquent. drogon's pragmatic, rather unimaginative and fairly protective. he's loyal to those whom have earned it and gruffly straight forward for better or for worse. "the lion" is the would have been mama’s boy. drogon is very opinionated (really in no matter what "mask" he wears), and brash but for the most part he means well.
SAKAALI · the jackal

a thespian, creator of easily wielded innocence that veils acute observance and preciously coveted secrets. to be both charmer and cobra takes a talent inspired by his mother’s own impressive masks. the observer. wily and coy but undeniably the diplomat of drogon's 'masks'.

SELKÄJAKAJA · spinesplitter

though artfully veiled the lost boy is as winter given flesh suggests: frigidly apathetic and domineering believing wholly in survival of the fittest at all and every cost. he is tenacious and unrelenting; a warlord in the making.

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personality relied on a vault of heavy veils, every word spoken in masquerade; a costume change for every brief encounter. —Celestial Dynasty (x)
fearless child, broken boy; tell me what it’s like to burn. oh darling, even rome fell · p.s.

Drogon was born as Kahlil to two nameless parents in the Enok Tundra and lived a quiet life training to become a soturi. One evening his confidence got the better of him, encouraged by boyish innocence and naivety of the world around him created by the safety of the Tundra. He wandered too far from the pack’s borders into a neighboring territory where he came across a male he called The Stranger that led him to the Teekons where he later abandoned the young boy and left him to die.

NOTE ! the above is a completely fabricated biography — with some overlapping of what actually transpired in-game. for his actual biography & in-game record see below.

winter’s bane is born into the world alongside his siblings a week too early due to tumultuous stress placed upon his mother: the queen of teaghlaigh. roarke wanders away from teaghlaigh and is led north by a mysterious stranger (npc) and is found and taken/adopted by nyx; takes the name kahlil to help him adapt to his new life in blackfeather woods. meets up with cascada and takes the name drogon to protect himself and cascada from the potential fury of the blackfeather wolves. travels with cascada for a short while until they part ways and he is left to travel alone once more. in lieu of parting ways with cascada he's become something of a mercenary for hire and very briefly joins with a pack that's attempting to form. as usual for drogon, he doesn't stick around long and returns to wander the teekons once more. drogon meets hydra and accepts a proposition: his knowledge about blackfeather woods ( and vaati · though drogon doesn't know his name ) for a potential place in her parent's pack: moonspear. drogon is accepted into moonspear. he earns his warrior specialty in late fall and as tensions continue to rise between blackfeather woods and moonspear has taken it upon himself to aid in any way that he can.
Pack History

PARENTS Arturo x Lotte
SIBLINGS Mallaidh , Eirlys , Ceallach
Bain , Bowie , Cearney , Devin
Droman , Reed

hover over siblings name to see their parents/litter year! full fearghal family tree (x). drogon’s name remains unchanged on the family tree because that is how the fearghal’s know him.
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omicron → nu → kappa → zeta → eta → epsilon

[Image: warrior.gif] — earned 07/23/2017
warrior — 11/15/2017
Profile of Drogon: Additional Information
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sotapäällikkö, soturi, thespian, titan, tundrian, leijona, selkäjakaja, wip~
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there are no bargains between lions and men.
i will kill you and eat you raw.

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