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Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: Kahlil
Nicknames. Kahl
Previously. Roarke Altaïr Fearghal
Subspecies: Mixed (coyote, northern rocky mtns., mackenzie valley wolf, etc)
Sex: Male
Age: 0.3 months (april 1st, 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Kahlil: Details
commissioned by kj

Part 1 — or is it 2? — of the mitten twins. Roarke is a partial mirror, albeit masculine, image of his twin sister Eirlys with only a few differences. Born as white as freshly lain snow Roarke as he ages will begin to grow larger and darken to an ash grey with mocha brown highlights borrowed from his father (basically a washed out version of his mother with a lil bit of his papa thrown in there), his face will be solid black, accented by the platinum silver “winter” mane and he will bear black stockings broken by white mittens. A cherub as a babe and the younger months following but about the time he begins to hit puberty Roarke’s childish pudge will melt and harden into an impressive, thick musculature to rival his father in height (and could definitely take the old coywolf in a fight (ง’̀-‘́)ง). Eyes will transition from puppy milky blue to a sharp glacier blue. As he loses his puppy pudge Roarke’s facial features will be slightly sharper than normal: a tribute to the coyote blood he bears (!but it is not enough to confuse him as a coywolf because the coyote blood is fairly diluted).

the twins are inspired by ragdoll cats though roarke is modeled after this cat.


listen · described as a deep, husky timbre; the richest whiskey steeped in smoke. (in adulthood | begins to deepen at about 4-5 months)


zach mcgowan as kahlil
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dustin clare as roarke
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[Image: tumblr_olkjfsw4fU1sdqplto4_250.gif] [Image: tumblr_olv4jlswNB1sw9stuo7_400.gif]
"i’m a cobra and the gods help me unscar my skin and swallow my heart whole and eat men alive." —Melissa Lee-Houghton (x)

he that is winter given flesh and bone. a sweet summer child. a lost boy from neverland…a mask, a facade carved with delicacy and utmost care to serve his own agenda. a thespian, creator of easily wielded innocence that veils acute observance and preciously coveted secrets. to be both charmer and cobra takes a talent inspired by his mother’s own impressive masks. though artfully veiled the lost boy is as winter given flesh suggests: frigidly apathetic and domineering believing wholly in survival of the fittest at all and every cost. he learns with little choice to adapt to cultures far more harsh than the one he's born into as a princeling. he is tenacious and unrelenting; a warlord in the making.

"ix. when the world burned, your mother whispered: you knew, didn’t you? i told you not to love something that will someday die. x. you do not say: i knew, but i was selfish. i am a god. it is my nature."achillies dreaming (how to love a mortal) by natalie wee

Roarke will be very well spoken with a sharp mind and silver tongue that could morph any lie into the sweetest of honey dripped truth. Roarke is an infiltrator, using charm and charisma and his father’s inherited patience to his complete and utter advantage. And he does take advantage. His loyalty is to his twin first, with his Teaghlaigh close behind in second. While on his missions he identifies himself by using his middle name Altaïr as his moniker & Kahlil his "character" as his father uses his red herring: to protect The Family if he should ever be found out. Roarke switches between giving off your casual bad boy James Dean rebel without a cause vibe or the silently dangerous but impeccably polite mobster vibe and there is rarely an in-between; also happens to be a bit of a heartbreaker & remains too clever for his own good often and quickly growing bored when things become too routine and stagnant in his life. Is a mama’s boy. If anyone insults or upset his mum he’ll fight them (ง’̀-‘́)ง …no seriously. Incredibly tenacious this particular trait will see him far and to his full potential in life.
winter’s bane is born into the world alongside his siblings a week too early due to tumultuous stress placed upon his mother: the queen of teaghlaigh. roarke wanders away from teaghlaigh and is led north by a mysterious stranger (npc) and is found and taken/adopted by nyx; takes the name kahlil to help him adapt to his new life in blackfeather woods.
Pack History
by meebee ♥

CARETAKER Astrid "Nyx" Apaata

PARENTS Arturo x Lotte
SIBLINGS Mallaidh , Eirlys , Ceallach , Bain , Bowie , Cearney , Devin , Chusi

hover over siblings name to see their parents/litter year! full fearghal family tree (x)



[Image: warrior.gif] — earned n/a
warrior — n/a
Profile of Kahlil: Additional Information
'souls' pupguide

for personal reference — coat color development

3 months+ — roar's coat starts to begin it's transition by darkening lightly in his extremities that will gradually darken over the next 3 months

6 months+ — becomes a mixture of light & dark
8 months+ — begins to darken in earnest/mane and mittens begin to lighten
12 months+ — fur is it's adult color, mane color and mitten color are solid & fur color is set


(words i like to use as superlatives for kahl in posts — hover on italicized words for translations & details)

sotapäällikkö, soturi, khal, thespian, imperial, legionnaire, titan, wip~
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