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Full Name: Sirio
Subspecies: Grey wolf x Arctic wolf x Timber wolf x Buffalo wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.5 (17 March 2017)
Birthplace: Drageda - Dragoncrest Cliffs
At A Glance
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Sirio has an amazing coat of tawny hues mixed with the bold, warm colour of wood. This wooden dream fades from the tips of his toes to halfway up his legs, touching his snout and dragging a softer wood colour over his face between his eyes, and darkening at the tips of his ears. It also covers most of his tail, though cold, snowy white frosts the tip of it and a stroke from his nose to between his eyes. This same colour mixes with the tawny of his base, coloring his chest a creamy white. All this white makes his deep turquoise eyes truly stand out.

Taking after his father, he is growing to be a rather battle-worthy individual. A warrior with a thick furry coat and graced with the good looks of his father.

Aura: A Passionate, deep red, displaying his strong emotions and fear of getting hurt.

Scent: Dried wood with the saltiness of the sea - a strange yet pleasant aroma, especially when mixed with that of Drageda.

Human Appearance: Jack from "Jack and the cuckoo-clock heart", voiced by Orlando Seale
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Precise · Doubtful · Critical · Motivated · Unadaptable · Passionate · Poetic · Obsessive · Hotheaded · Selfish when his passion is involved · Gentle on the outside, rather ruthless on the inside

· CHAOTIC EVIL · INFP · Slytherin · Choleric ·
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Pack History
Biological Parents:
Portia Rose Moreau ♀ & Dio

Biological Littermates:
Dalia Drakru

Half-siblings (Dio & Wildfire):
Blixen Vixen Drakru ♀ - Artaax Drakru


· Goufa (17 March 2017 - Present)
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