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Bearclaw Valley

Mate to Wardruna
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Full Name: To the poet we delivered lacquered bone and gilded laurels
Shortened: .. Poet ..
Subspecies: wolf mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (May 23rd 2016)
Birthplace: Outside teekons
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tall and sleek, poet moves with an elegant poise. her build is of an average weight - delicate would be an incorrect word to apply to the priestess, but her footfalls remain light and precise. her coat is a mix of silvers and tawny golds, with a dorsal marked by an almost black pattern that resembles a jackal's; smudges of black decorate her snout and line her piercing yellow eyes.
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sacrilegious ⚭ empty-hearted ⚭ darkened priestess ⚭ gemini

face claim: waheeda rehman

raised as a priestess and given the name to the poet we delivered lacquered bone and gilded laurels, she should have lived a life of simple luxury and devotion to her goddess, the wolf-queen beneath-night's breath, but an act of sacrilege saw her faith shaken and her body cast out from her home.

now she believes in nothing and no one at all.
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i'm back on my bullshit

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