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Basic Info
Full Name: Ace
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male 9NVxqLUh
Age: 5 (21/09/12)
Birthplace: The Black Tusk
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Profile of Ace: Details
Ace roamed the earth for approximately five years. His upper back and shoulders are covered with black and brown fur. Underneath his muzzle, he has a dark grey fur that follows to his lower legs and stomach. His circular irises are naturally golden like the bright sun on the horizon. He is large compared to an average wolf. He stands 36 inches tall from his shoulders to his paws and 6'4 feet tall from his nose to his tip tail, and he weighs 153 pounds. Not far from his left shoulder, he has a huge scar. His insolent father abused him when he was a small pup.
Ace is normally calm and nice to everyone, unless someone gets on his bad side. Although he is kind, his demeanor can abruptly change if someone attempts to hurt his family or friends. Beneath his gentleness, deep in his soul, he has a hidden anger that could surge up within him. If ever his indignation increases further, he won’t be, alas, the same wolf like before. Be cautious. He protected his loved ones from the danger that would come across the land.
Ace was born on a mountain called The Black Tusk. He lived with his parents and siblings in a small cave where the temperature was bitterly cold. Unfortunately, they were living in a poor condition and his mother Titania did everything she could to feed her puppies. She didn’t have much luck to bring down an elk on a harsh weather, but at least she would bring a few dead mice for supper. His father Xerxes wasn’t there for them because he was always busy with his pack. He had been through a lot of conflicts and wars. After five months, Ace was capable to kill any small prey and he would bring it to his family every day. He always was happy to help his mother, his sisters and his brothers, but his smile would fade away whenever his angry father would pass by. After many wars, Xerxes had become a psychopath and he would hurt his own family for no reason. Ace didn’t like at all to see his mother getting hurt by his father. He would even try to defend her, but he would always get injured.

However, Ace would still continue helping Titania and his siblings. The next morning he went alone on a hunt to get more food. It took him awhile before he could get a prey. When he returned home, he found his mother, his sisters and his brothers dead in the cave. He was very shocked to see them covered in gore. He couldn’t move at all for a few minutes. After the enormous tragedy, Ace was walking slowly on the path, not knowing where he was going. He was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t sleep for days, and since then his personality had changed a lot. He had been living a solitary life for almost five years.
Mother: Titania (Deceased)

Father: Xerxes (Unknown)

Siblings: (All deceased)
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