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Ravensblood Forest

Basic Info
Full Name: Whisper Dawn
Subspecies: Eastern wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (November, 7th 2015)
Birthplace: Gardiner, Montana
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Whisper which means "Soft Voice" is a tawny gold colored Eastern wolf who is white from her paws up to her underbelly with a bit of black on her withers. She stands at about 2.7 feet tall measuring from her paws to the tip of her ears. She has a natural dominant stance.
Whisper is a very honest, selfless, and loyal wolf who is willing to die for her friends or pack. She is also very headstrong and impulsive which gets her into very dangerous situations. Since living on her own she is a very dominant wolf. Whisper is one to talk and can talk herself out of almost any bad situation using both her wits and clever wordplay.
Whisper was born on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, Montana in the middle of winter. She has always been on her own and has no knowledge of her parents except a vague memory of her mother. Since then she has taught herself everything from how to find shelter to how to hunt. She always has been self-reliant in her instincts and abilities. She has no knowledge of pack cultures and lived as a lone wolf all her life who has been rejected by one pack for being small.

She travels to Teekon and tries finding a pack but is unsuccessful. During her time as a lone wolf, however, she meets a male who would change her outlook on everything but he had disappeared just as he had come. She was beginning to lose hope until she meets a female who allowed her to join their growing pack.
To Be Continued...
Pack History
Mother- Unknown
Father- Unknown
Lone wolf (2015-2017)
Ravensblood Forest (2018-Present)
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