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Full Name: Winterbourne "River" Corten
Subspecies: 25% Vancouver Island || 25% Coastal || 50% Eastern Timber
Sex: Male
Age: .08 (04/07/2018)
Birthplace: Dawnlark Plains
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appearance: weeks 2-6
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eyes are puppy blue, fur is an indistinct mess of grey for now

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when god falls fast asleep, the kids still move to a steady beat

        Winterbourne begins as a boy overly concerned with two things, mainly: being liked by everyone, and fixing every problem. He craves attention and affection, especially from his family during his early life, and seeks to obtain this through charm and favors. The boy is entirely against conflict of any sort, but prefers to confront and resolve it rather than run or ignore it. In his youth, his attention span is dreadfully short, but he is intensely passionate about his obsessions, however brief.
        River is easily stressed, prone to periods of frustration when a fixation of his inevitably goes awry; this is always short-lived, though a more stressful event may cause the boy to wilt. He is energetic and relentless in his creativity, but lacks the touch of realism in his ideas. River is likely to leave a trail of unfinished 'projects', abandoned plans, and perhaps neglected friends/love interests until he matures past his flighty and idealistic tendencies-- if he ever does.

note: this character's intended personality is likely to change as he develops!

even if it's bombs landing at their feet

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Grayday x Catori "Spiritwalker"

Eventide , Kasatka "Kitten"

extended relations coming soon!
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art provided by my great parents, mixed & sonia <3 (not sure about artist credit, but when/if I get that info it will go here!)
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