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Lone Wolves

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Full Name: Elixir
Subspecies: 1/2 Wolf, 1/4 Lab, 1/4 German Shepherd.
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (7/2/16)
Birthplace: Black Market
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Pitch black, she has a tiny white dot on her chest, its easy to miss. She stands about 32 inches high, she weighs about 84 pounds. Her eyes are a red color, look like glass. Even though she has a little dog in her, her looks take over that side. Elixir has 2 major scars. One runs along her side from her front left paw to her back one. The second is on her stomach from a burning when she was just a pup, it's in the shape of celtic knot.
She has yet to figure out the world, so her personality is a bit all over the place at times.
She was born in the black market, being sold to the highest bidder. Luckily for this girl, she was sold to someone who had the heart to let her go. At only 8 months old she had to find her way through the wild and fend for herself. She is thankful for the human that let her go but still holds the biggest grudge against the rest of mankind. At night she barely sleeps for fear they will find her.
No brothers or sisters she knows about. Was taken from her mom as soon as she was able to eat solids.
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