Profile of Elixir: Quick Facts

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Northstar Vale

Basic Info
Full Name: Elixir Linz
Subspecies: 1/2 Wolf, 1/4 Lab, 1/4 German Shepherd.
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (7/2/16)
Birthplace: Black Market
At A Glance
She has floppy ears, pretty easy to see. Her eyes carry a thousand yard stare almost all the time due to her naivety (dog roots) and also because of her past. She is pretty much an open book.

Scent: Ripe Pineapple

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Profile of Elixir: Details
Pitch black, she has a tiny white dot on her chest, its easy to miss. She stands about 32 inches high, she weighs about 84 pounds. Her eyes are a red color, look like glass. Even though she has a little dog in her, her looks take over that side. Elixir has 2 major scars. One runs along her side from her front left paw to her back one. The second is on her stomach from a burning when she was just a pup, it's in the shape of celtic knot.

Currently healing from wounds suffered in a fight with Ghoul.
She has yet to figure out the world, so her personality is a bit all over the place at times. Usually she can be a bit hyper and her mind can get jumbled so that leaves her speech that way as well. When she does things she really doesn’t think about it sometimes which leaves her in embarrassment.
-New and being developed is her wiseness, sometimes she can say wise things. This is hard to come by as she is still developing but it is coming out now.
Elixir was born in the Black Market to a pure McKenzie Valley Wolf and a LabXGermanShepherd mix. Her mother was used for breeding many times before and lost every pup but Elixir, the woman cherished her for every day that she had the pup. One day came when Elixir was taunted with the meat of a rabbit, the aroma smelled to good and was too mouth watering not to tear into, her mother intervened and got between Elixir and the meat. The person grabbed her mother and out of the cage and that was the last she had seen of her mother. It was at least a week in a lonely cage before a man walked through, elderly but still could do for himself when she was sold. Elixir was kept in a building for a while, not sure how long for it had no windows to tell if it was day or night. Eventually one day it wasn’t the old man who came to the building as she coward in the back, it was a sweet woman wearing some type of uniform, the woman caged Elixir and let her go.

Elixir won’t speak for what happened in the building and might even lie about her past for she is embarrassed and feels vulnerable when telling. She will only tell who she is super comfortable with.

Teekon Wilds:
Pack History
No siblings.
Father- Unknown wolf from a wildlife refuge.

-Nuclear Family-
Crush: She hasn’t really developed it entirely, but Embry is special for she told him half of her backstory.
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Lone Wolf-6/4/18-6/28/18
BLACKTAIL DEER PLATEAU >Pledged-6/28/18-present
Profile of Elixir: Additional Information
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Aspiring Astronomer,Botantist,and Therapist
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