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Basic Info
Full Name: Larus "Yellowbelly" Sveijarn
Subspecies: 50% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf x 50% Russian Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (June 20, 2014)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds.
At A Glance
The color of stone and ice, but with softer edges, donning a golden mask.
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Profile of Larus: Details
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A gray-cast doppelganger of both his parents; he takes after Tuwawi in size and general build, resembling a streamlined summer-land wolf, but anyone who knew his mountain of a father would see Njal in his face. Larus has some old bite wounds on his rear legs which healed long ago, and nothing else appears amiss upon him. He has long since reached his adult size and weight.

Born to Tuwawi Sveijarn and Njal Sveijarn of Swiftcurrent Creek. He has a trio of siblings as well: Jökull and Maera are his sisters, with his brother Valtýr sandwiched in between. His maternal grandmother is Palla Maike and his maternal aunt is Dove Maike; while his paternal relatives are varied as well, they are too far away to matter.

Once believing that Caiaphas Varkentje was his mother, he now believes that she is either dead or simply gone from the Wilds. She taught him that his birth parents were loveless things that wished him (and his siblings) dead.

He ran with Jade Fern Grove for a while before discovering a wolf named Saghani, who he became very attached to. Unknown to him, following their last meeting Saghani gave birth to four cubs.

Following the pair's departure from the Wilds (and Larus' eventual return), the boy met a woman named Saena and decided to throw his support behind her. During the winter of 2016 he lived as a part of the Duskvale pack, until their eventual dispersal.

Unknown to both Larus and the Listener of Blackfeather Woods (Potema), together the pair have created life, although it is impossible to tell which of the woman's children is his own. This is something he will likely never find out.

Similarly, his forgotten brother Valtyr has sired a litter. His daughter Ratha has adventured into the wilds for reasons unknown.

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