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Basic Info
Full Name: Hadrian Nox 'Shadow' Angelus Mortis
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf x Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (7 July 2012)
Birthplace: Imperium Romanum — Aezani Fluvius
At A Glance
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Profile of Shadow: Details
While Shadow's expression is usually cold, hardened, and weathered with a smirk dancing on his features, he is nevertheless handsome and regal. Dignified and elegant looking when he wants to but on other times, he looks savage and ready to kill, the smirk on his face and the cold glint in his eyes that either means he's a genius or a madman always frightens and intimidates others. He is tall, lithe, strong and muscular. Thick greyscale fur makes him long bigger than he is and also hides the many scars he has from his childhood. He has long lissome legs that help him run with longer strides. He prides himself in being able to sneak up on wolves without being known and beat his opponents using his wits not strength. His eyes which are a steely platinum silver matches his fur. His coat is silvery white. The tip of his tail and his ear fur are all tipped in black and the fur on his underbelly becomes purely white. From his appearance, it is clear that he is a wolf of the North.


Chest: A vertical scar running down his chest and ends at the start of his underbelly.

Flank: A scar hidden by his thick fur in the middle of his left flank.

Back: A few long white scars run across his back, though it is barely visible.

Face: Three long deep gouges on the left side of his forehead and stopped just on top of his eye. The cut on the right side of his three cuts had a weird look to it, because halfway in the middle, it changes direction and began moving horizontally before changing directions once more and moving vertically, with the flow of the claw again. It is a distinct shape of a lightning bolt, the symbol of power of Jupiter. The mark of Jupiter. There are also two long talon slashes on the top of his muzzle

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Shadow is one of the most protective wolves, always looking out for those he cares about. He's actually very loving but only those that he trusts and cares about will know that as he hides it behind his mask of smirks.

Shadow has a sharp, defensive wit, an acidic temperament, and a very sarcastic attitude when he chooses(which is most of the time). He is intelligent and cunning. He does not often express emotion and it's hard to tell what he's thinking. He has a dry, chillingly amusing humor and irony at times.

Shadow even exhibits sadistic tendencies at times, which he got on account of being raised by Aku, a brutal wolf.

Despite this, Shadow in fact has a strong moral core. He is dutiful and just, willing to make the right decisions, and sacrifices if it comes down to it. Though he can be, at times, vindictive, he is cruel only to protect those he loves. He is actually caring and would risk his life for the people he loves. He is also self-sacrificing.

Radiating an aura of power and strength, it is no wonder that no matter how sarcastic and annoying he is, there would always be wolves willing to follow him. However underneath the proud exterior lies a tortured soul, harboring a deep anger, resentment and sadness that he exerts through his sarcastic comments and the bloodthirstiness when he fights.

He is a skilled and formidable opponent in battle and is very good with words, making him a good diplomat between packs.

Shadow is a natural, spirited, brave, courageous and excellent leader, he easily earns other's trust despite his attitude. He is also extremely loyal even if he doesn't seem like it.

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Shadow was born in a brutal and unloving Roman pack where no wolves were treated with mercy or kindness. The pack wolves spoke latin as their native tongue and held their traditions, the gods and sacrifices. Many wolves do not know Shadow's main tongue is latin and that he is a roman as he mainly speaks English now. All wolves in his old pack were battle hardened warriors.

Born to a litter of three from two alphas, Shadow was the eldest and was destined to become the alpha after his father. His brother, Flame also showed talent but not as much as Shadow. His sister, Ice, however was disappointing. She was reserved and not assertive at all. She became the Omega of the pack until one day Flame was severely injured and his father, the alpha male, left him to die. Shadow and Ice managed to heal him and they continued on their way, leaving their half-siblings behind because there was no time to go back or risk the wrath of the pack.

After some traveling, the three of them arrived at a stranger pack territory. Flame and Ice settled in and the pack accepted them but Shadow did not like the territory nor the alphas so he bid farewell to his siblings and continued on his way.

Soon he entered Teekon Wilds and joined Swiftcurrent Creek where he stayed for three months but was banished after he confronted Bazi about her kicking Danica out. Before leaving the Creek, he asked Paarthurnax to leave the Creek and be with him and she agreed. Having explored a place east of Swiftcurrent Creek (A few days of traveling from there). He discovered a place in the far east of Rising Sun Valley and decided to settle down there, gathering wolves that pledged to be loyal to him and formed the pack called Noctisardor Bypass.

A few months after the founding of his pack, his mate Paarthurnax fled the pack with their babies, the realization that they were not compatible forcing her to leave. Anger, hatred, grief and sadness consumed the youth and he hurried after her, trying to make amends but knowing deep in his heart that it wasn't possible. Shadow did not like the idea of his pups growing up in his old pack, fearing they would be harmed as they were his kids. The stress and emotions that fell upon the youth was too much and he began to slip into depression, wondering if he should just suicide and die. After all, no one needed him anymore.

But after a meeting with Scimitar and the SC wolves, he regained his senses and began to hope once more for a good life. A month after the children's birth, Shadow decided to go and check on his pups. It was there at SC where he learnt of his ex mate and his only daughter's disappearance. He wanted his children with him at the Bypass so he gave them the decision, his two younger sons chose to stay while Trajan chose to leave the place that gave him too much bad memories.

Leaving Teekon Wilds: The Story

Human Counterpart
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Pack History

Alive || Dead || Unknown

Hadrian 'Shadow' was born to Alpha Aku Angelus Mortis and one of his mates, Diana Ignistaf in Imperium Romanum, a vast land inhabited by many Roman packs. His natal pack's name is Aezani Fluvius. The first litter to be born to Aku and Diana. He has various siblings on his father's side.


Hadrian 'Shadow' was the firstborn in a litter of three. In birth order:

Hadrian 'Shadow' Angelus Mortis
Arcadius 'Flame' Angelus Mortis
Aelia 'Ice' Angelus Mortis

In September, Shadow became mates with Paarthurnax Frostfur. A month later, she ran away from Noctisardor Bypass to her old home Swiftcurrent Creek, carrying his children. They were born in December 16th, 2014. A litter of four consisting of three boys and one girl. Traianus 'Trajan' Marius , Julius Miraak , Durnehviir Saarthal , Relonikiv Aetius .

In-Game Relations:
Younger Brothers: Scipio Ahala , Valerius Leo , Lucius Verus
Younger Sisters: Aemilia Scaura

Shadow is related to numerous wolves because of his Angelus Mortis bloodline. Not all are listed. Check the family tree for full information about the Angelus Mortis bloodline.







— Emperor and Alpha
Profile of Shadow: Additional Information
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