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06. Game Management - WOLF - March 14, 2015

Although WOLF is a member-driven community, community managers handle programming, maintenance and other necessary managerial tasks. Our goal is to gently guide the IC community as needed to keep the game inspiring and fun. We do this while prioritizing feedback from the membership.

We created the assistant community manager position in an effort to give members an opportunity to participate in managing the game and to maintain transparency with how the staff conducts itself behind the scenes. The position switches on a quarterly basis and is decided via a dice roll. Only current pack managers are eligible and they must volunteer.

Former community managers who no longer serve as full-time staff but who maintain their ACP accesses in a permanent technical support and consultative capacity are included in the listing below for full transparency.

If you're looking for pack managers specifically, please see the current listing here. Each pack's PMs are also indicated in bold in their respective rank listings.

If you have a question, we encourage you to post in the Help Desk so the larger community can benefit. Some other resources include the maintenance thread and the #phone-a-friend channel. For more personal matters, we welcome you to come to us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. In order to get the timeliest response, be sure to copy EVERYONE LISTED BELOW on any correspondence. Please be aware that the staff is typically only active on weekdays.

Community Managers

Kat (Towhee) — PM · Kat#0763
Starr (Rosalyn) — PM · Serien#8741

Assistant Community Managers

Lauren (Indra) — PM · Horripig#0559

Technical Support

Melee (Zombie) — PM · Melee#4294
Remedy (Sequoia) — PM · Remedy#8618