Blackfeather Woods The thorns
January 10, 2018, 01:05 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Set near Blood Garden @Ramsay

It was hard to tell when it was night and day within the territory sometimes in some places. It had a generally dark feel to it, allowing almost anyone the ability to sleep at any time during the day. It was something Rouge enjoyed, especially since she wasn't taking many trips outside of the territory. Still being new and not wanting to run into the enemy too soon, when she might actually for one enjoy the pack she was in. 

She found herself that late afteroon near the blood garden. It reminded her of the Redgrove she found awhile back. The pop of red always drew her in. She lifted her front paw and made a move to walk into the bed of red, but learned quickly of the thorns that lay beneath. As she set he paw down she was poked by a thorn and she quickly retracted it, it only stinging for a few moments. Better right away then if she had been in there almost all the way and had to weave her way out.

January 14, 2018, 01:14 AM
Blackfeather Woods
They were all long dead, bitten and rimed by the cold of winter, but Ramsay sometimes liked to look at the wilted red petals of the roses in the territory's very center. He didn't know the name of the place or if it even had a name. It was an odd phenomenon, a fairly small patch of flowers surrounded by forest. Such a thin layer of snow broke through the dark canopy that they were only lightly dusted with white, and for him, they were easy to walk over.

Soon he would start to grow rapidly, and his weight would increase, and he would be more wary of the thorns underneath. Presently the young dwarf could drift over the tops of them, all while hardly disturbing the thick bed of brittle petals. There was the occasional warning pinch of a thorn below, but he didn't mind it, and soon enough he made his way across the circle and face-to-face with someone unfamiliar.

As with Argent, Ramsay approached head-on, showing no sign of being shy or uncertain. When he was a mere foot from Rouge, near enough to see her pale whiskers against the dark forest backdrop and to see the subtle shades in her pale blue eyes—in other words, close enough to be uncomfortable, especially with how he looked—he smiled and asked, "new?"