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All Welcome  April 04, 2018, 12:19 PM
Lone Wolves


        The pale, cloudless sky mirrored the silver-flecked loner as he delved beyond the mesa, believing that if he moved towards the mountains in the north he would find some answers. Nothing looked familiar or felt in any way normal to him; it was like his mind had been emptied of the past few months, but he had no physical ailment to back up his supposed amnesia. He regularly checked himself for issues as the hours wore on: recounted all that he remembered, his name, his origins.

        The previous night spent beneath the stars had been alienating in its own right, because the stars were not aligned as they should be. He thought that it was winter - or just starting - yet there were fresh grasses sprouting on the paths, birds calling in the trees, and the aroma of new flowers in the air. As soon as he found himself on more mountainous terrain Larus sought a high point -- he hoped to use it to spy about, find his next route and make a plan. Yet the sight he witnessed from on high was so out of place.

        There was no snow (the sky was clear and blue!) and from the corner of his eye he watched as a nervous doe snuck through the woodland with a newborn in tow. He should've chased it down and eaten it (he couldn't remember the last time he ate), but instead he just stared, and watched them go.

April 16, 2018, 01:24 AM
Since Tindómë's move to the mountain range and the milder weather (most days), Jomyo greedily ranged more and more. Hardly, she was home.. and oftentimes, she just didn't want to fight against the urge to just keep going--more, more. It was far busier than the hinterlands had ever been, and with so much new to see at each and every mile, the nosy scout had plenty to do.

The tense meeting between Sunspire and other mountain wolves had inspired her to head south and sniff around the stretch of the range there. She took her time and combed over the landscapes on the way, and without a particular timeline urging her along, she wound up further south than perhaps initially intended but game to keep up the current cruise for a while longer. The Eizokusei swung wide when she started to find a lot of traffic that reminded her of the opposing wolves from the other day. Instead of rounding back home yet, she went arcing through a woods and kept to her own because she could make do.

Knowing heights brought her a vantage point unrivaled, she honed in on this mountain now underfoot as she began her ascent--once she knew it wasn't claimed, she could shift, and maybe find a cranny to settle in before the night was up and she finally point her nose back towards the sanctity of the Vale. Soon, though.. there was just a little more she ought to see to.

It was this mindset that led her onto the deer's freshly-traveled path. She let herself be lured her in closer.. with time, and steadily enough to keep her interests moving forward, it guided her deeper until the woods tangled, then unwound again. While difficult to tell, she felt like she lost ground and time there, but kept pressing onward until scents on the winds suddenly said wolf. Newly keen, she stayed low and followed the doe on more carefully.