Wheeling Gull Isle A simple song
All Welcome  April 13, 2018, 05:27 PM
The moon shone bright that night, pools of a pearly glow illuminating the island as most of the wolves decided to rest their eyes until morning came. Faeryn, however, was a wolf who found herself to be a light sleeper. And as a result of this, she was often seen scouring the edges of the Isle simply gazing out at sea - it was no secret that she held a deep love for those rolling waves, and any moment she could simply relish in the presence of the wide expanse of blue, she'd sure as heck take. 

Perhaps that was why she now could be seen yet again amongst the ink of night, blue pelage lit by the moonlight in a strangely ethereal way. Her movements were slow and paced, posture relaxed as she drifted back and forth along the shore. Any who also remained awake were more than welcome to approach her for a discussion - otherwise she'd accept the silence and watch the sea in her peaceful lonesome.

I see quiet nights,
poured over ice