Wheeling Gull Isle it's a hard-knock life
All Welcome  May 01, 2018, 06:41 PM
Just decided that my new inspo for all Droman's threads will be the OG Annie production. Come see!

The weather was perfect! It wasn't too cold for a swim anymore, but it wasn't too hot, either. The water had reached a perfect equilibrium between the two extremes; Droman had been waiting for this, and now that the time had come, he could hardly contain himself! The exuberant pre-teen raced off to the sandbar, taking calculated steps into the water to avoid any crabs.

Eck. Crabs.
June 14, 2018, 06:02 PM
Annie!  :D  One of the few things I've seen staged in-person; in Korea, as it happens, heh.  Good choice for threadtitle inspos, though!  ^^

         Driftwood had been lolling in the shade of some of the island's trees, side-eyeing the water and trying to figure out if it was worth chancing a swim. He cocked an ear at the swift smaller figure who suddenly came racing out of the trees toward the longest spit of sandy shore; the young male seemingly couldn't wait to get his legs wet, right up until the moment of truth came and his steps suddenly became much more mincing and strange, as if he perhaps wished he could walk atop the water rather than actually stepping in it. Driftwood hauled himself to his own still-dry feet and observed the actions of the other wolf for a moment in increasing puzzlement. He doubted, though, that it was a mystery that could be resolved at such a distance, so after a moment and with only a little hesitation Drift broke cover as well, loping at a more-reserved pace out to the water's edge.

         His steps slowed to an easy trot and then stuttered to a stop as he approached the ganglier young red male. What are you doing? he had to ask aloud with a furrowed brow, before craning his neck out long and straight to try to peer downwards past the wavelets' deceptive reflections. Was there something there in the water that the youngster had spotted and was trying to avoid as he danced forth to catch the tide? Well, his elder sure wasn't spotting anything in there; the shallow bottoms looked as pristinely clear as the day they were first made, far as he could tell. Weird.Oh, I'm Driftwood, by the way, he added belatedly, though his eyes kept being drawn more toward the waters than the figure he was speaking to.

         He didn't notice the small creature tacking slowly sideways across the sand to his rear. It was much smaller and moving a lot slower than the younger wolf, for starters, not to mention its slick shell was only a little yellower than the expanse of sand around it. It silently and contemplatively opened and shut its mouthparts and small claws, twitching one eyestalk behind it and one in the direction of the larger creatures standing in the surf before it.
June 15, 2018, 09:53 AM
Stockholm tends to put his head down and become a little bit of a workaholic, but he doesn’t want to lose touch with the other seawolves. When he finishes his patrol he slows it down, checks in with @Coelacanth, who is well-tended by @Moorhen and @Hemlock, and wanders off to see what some of his packmates are up to. “Droman, Driftwood,” he says when he reaches the shoreline and spots a couple of them, a heavy chuff announcing his appearance. A friendly grin plays about the Gampr’s muzzle as he shakes out his thick fur. “I don’t think we’ve talked face-to-face; I’m Stockholm. What’re you up to?”