Blackfeather Woods tillojak
All Welcome  July 05, 2018, 07:07 PM
The darkness of the wood was alluring in ways that the young bear would never be able to express. It was almost as though magic danced between the trunks of the great trees and lingered in the boughs and leaves that stretched overhead. The forest breathed – inhaled and exhaled – just like any other living thing. The boy could feel it in the deepest pits of his belly, lingering there like a natural reminder. He had found that he could feel many things but imagined that it was a gift that was bestowed on all of his kind. It had made him keen, even still while he was young and learning. It had also turned him toward the life of a watcher. Years on his body would grant him the desire to take action, but as a child he had found his watchfulness to be a place of comfort and ease. It sparked most of his decisions, knowing that he would learn something more about the world and all the things that changed within it.
The sun had stretched out overhead, peering through a thin layer of wispy white and the shimmering leaves that shaded the forest floor. It left the wood cool, wrapping it in a soft layer of security. Though the sun would reach sweltering temperatures after a short while, the forest kept them cool. Sos had ventured outside of the den and could be found sprawled at the mouth of it. His head would move and dart about, searching for sights. The length of his ears stood tall atop his crown. It was a paradise to him; he knew nothing else but the wood where he had been born. Inspired still by the youth that drove him, Sos moved to rise and venture toward a thick patch of trees.
Wind tossed through the foliage for a moment before it was carried away, free to reach out to other territories with its grace. Sos felt the brush of it against his changing coat and smiled softly. In the trees ahead of him, the young bear could smell a peculiar sort of scent. Something in the brush rustled curiously, making a fair bit of noise. Sos moved in a quick scurry so that he might catch sight of the thing. The leaves shuddered but revealed nothing behind them. The bear sniffed curiously, his tail wagging behind him.

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