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All Welcome  August 08, 2018, 04:17 PM
vague about things, but!! let's move fam! i'm vaguely pping that family is with him, and probably tag the rest of the pack next post :D
He had made his cursory rounds for the morning and come tracing back to his family from Hougeda by afternoon. All was well. Now, the pale Drakru came to rally his family up for what he felt was a motion in all of their best interests: moving them to the rendezvous. While he couldn't claim to be the most masterful at knowing when puppies needed certain milestones, watching them explore their horizons with greater depth each day was helping to assure him that it was time to help them spread out and go beyond the tiny scope of their den's immediate doorstep. Plus.. he did not want them to miss out on socializing with the rest of the pack, and now was truthfully a decent time to help ease them out from underneath @Portia's feet a tiny bit too--not that Dalia wasn't already there to help in ways Dio hadn't entirely anticipated, but she had really risen to the opportunity here to make him proud.

Nevertheless, for all the good a relocation would do, he still had his mixed feelings about it to sort. Excited, to see them continue to grow, but already on edge over their expanding range--and consequential settling, which he hoped went well. Thankfully they had mingled a bit with some of the others who had stopped by the den from time to time already..  probably, he worried for nothing, and ought to remind himself that this year's litter was not last's. Everything had gone well. They were an easy little bunch.. most days, and assuming Opalia was properly napped and everyone had full bellies, he really couldn't complain about their progress one iota.

It was a relatively short trek over, but he made sure they took their time and kept a close eye on @Dacio, @Sequoia, and Opalia. "We're almost there," he said to the trio as he half-paused, letting everyone catch up to one another and gather. They had mentioned this briefly enough, and discussions leading up to today had likely clued them in to what this meant, but he was still prepared to field questions as they took it all in. "Excited yet?"
August 10, 2018, 08:11 AM
He'd heard snippets of conversation among the adults. While talk of Hougeda during the days prior had held his attention for about three milliseconds, his interest piqued suddenly upon his father's return that afternoon to announce that it was time to go there. The newfound energy that surrounded his family was infectious so, with a spring in his step and a constant sway of his tail, the only son was all too eager to follow.

He mostly loped along at Dio's heels, though stray feathers and shiny pebbles were quick to steal his attention. Dacio always caught up, however, as he knew that his mother wouldn't let him stray too far behind. By the time they paused to regroup, the ashen Goufa had gathered a varied collection of bird feathers that he gripped firmly between his teeth and as he padded between @Portia's limbs in attempt to evade his litter-mates, he eyed the duo with quiet suspicion.

Sharing wasn't something he particularly enjoyed, and he feared one of the girls might cry out in outrage that he seemed so intent on keeping all his findings to himself. The patriarch addressed the pups collectively then and, lifting his blue-green gaze to linger on Dio's golden features, he responded with a muffled "yeah!"
August 12, 2018, 01:07 AM
Opalia might not have understood the full depths of today's undertaking, but she was certainly very keen to the idea of going somewhere new--and that seemed to be all that mattered to her for now. She was at attention, and quick to rush towards the front of their small parade at times--others, she was sure to stick her nose into whatever her brother was investigating, and just as eager to bounce around next to her sister, but on the whole, the golden girl was in good spirits and very thrilled by the little trek. Merrily she took in the sights, the sounds, and most of all, just enjoying trailing along with them like a happy little caravan she felt like they were in that moment.

"Ya ya ya," she chirruped up at their father's question as she rushed to his heels. All of her brother's treasures were safe for now, she mainly had eyes for the road ahead.