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Basic Info
Full Name: Wylla
Subspecies: Mixed wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (28/05/2016)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
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Profile of Wylla: Details
Wylla is tiny and fine-boned but roughshod, decidedly hare-like with a fleet step that calls back to her cunicular mother. Most of her short coat is comprised of coarse cinder-washed charcoal hairs, broken by mottled grey and silver along her flanks. Her tall ears are black as soot and her toes are bright white. Her cheeks, forehead, nape and throat are silvery-white and she is easily recognized by her V-shaped charcoal face mask, if not her resting bitch face. She is lighter in winter and darker in summer, and her eyes are a dirty yellow.
Pack History
Parents: Lusca, Tachyon
Siblings Ingram, Lycaon

Offspring: Tiercel
28/05/2016 — 07/06/2016
07/06/2016 — 20/10/2016
LONE WOLF: 27/10/2016 — 16/01/2018
16/01/2018 — 14/04/2018
14/04/2018 — now
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Player Information: Chelsie
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Skipping: Skip me in important group threads if I haven't posted within 72 hours of my turn. Alternatively, feel free to give me a nudge. I'm usually just being lazy.

Archiving: I will archive threads after 10 or 11 days of no response. I require a pace that's a bit quicker than the minimum to stay inspired, so don't take it personally if I archive a thread. If you want to revive it and keep going, feel free!

Private Threads: I only utilize these for plots or important threads. If I create the thread then private means private, no exceptions. If you create the thread, you can set your own rules for it.

BTS Assumptions: At most, I will assume that active characters are doing useful things behind the scenes, and I will assume that minimally active or inactive characters are not. My characters will react accordingly. For anything else, if there isn't a thread to reference, it didn't happen.

Combat: I prefer no consent combat in paragraph format with one action per post, but can adapt to whatever your preference is. I have no opinion on using or not using dice rolls, so if you like those, that's cool with me.

Primary: Ephraim, Lucas, Wisp
Secondary: Ramsay, Wylla

My character priority list should be treated as a loose indication of which characters I focus on catching up first when time is limited. Pup characters always get priority. In practice, I try to reply to all threads with all characters once a week at minimum, though sometimes the wait might be a little longer if I'm otherwise occupied.

Hi! I'm Chelsie, a 26 year old medical laboratory technologist in a rural town somewhere in western Canada. I've been roleplaying for at least eleven years, probably longer, and have been at Wolf off-and-on since its earliest days. I served as a Community Manager from sometime mid-2014 to sometime mid-2016.

I don't do much OOC chatting or planning and prefer to keep everything strictly IC. I'm usually open for threads on all characters despite having soft caps on most of them—that's just to keep myself in line. Ask me if you aren't sure, I prefer on-site private messages for roleplay related inquiries but Discord works too (chelsie#1104).