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Full Name: Ingram
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1.9 (May 28, 2016)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound, Teekon Wilds
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in some ways ingram resembles an urchin: smol, spikey and definitely unapproachable -- but spend any time with the miscreant and one is struck by his fair humor and geniality. he favors his mother in form and stature, with a coltish appearance and sharp muzzle. his presence is underwhelming save for the beachswept raze of silvered hackles along his spine, which sit rakishly upright through his shoulders. his preference for coastal activity leaves his fur coarse and stiff, which lends him a razorbacked and roguish appearance. two bright, luminant kiln-yellow eyes frame his thin and snipey coal-black visage.
ingram favors both of his parents in terms of personality, though in heated situations his proclivity for rashness is often exposed much like his mother. like his father, he is soft at heart -- even when dealing with those who have wronged him. underneath the loutish exterior he can be gentle and selfless. he reserves this vulnerable side for his family and those he might implicitly trust, and is a softy at heart with squishy feelings. ingram can be cheeky, and while not the wittiest (lycaon holds that honor) ingram is a scoundrel who delights in misbehaving.
[Image: kWO8XG9.png]born of saltwinter, ingram spent his early days in the grotto. his mother lusca was held captive by caiaphas for trespass.

several months after their birth lusca managed to escape, though she could only carry two with her. she grabbed the nearest to her, leaving lycaon to the mercy of their captor.

lusca fled outside of the wilds, settling in an expansive grove known as keokuk glade. the trio hoped to be reunited with tachyon, but he never came. unbeknownst to them, tachyon died of starvation in the height of the famine, only a few weeks after they were born.

during the family's first hunt, a bear caught wind of their scent and crashed through the ferns, scattering the small family and leaving ingram alone in the wilderness. he wandered for weeks in search of his family before being rescued by muses and brought to donnelaith where he met chusi, his adolescent crush. while he was well-received in donnelaith, they were not family - struck by loneliness, ingram returned to the shore in search of his siblings.

in the late fall of 2017 ingram reunites with his brother lycaon. the two revisit the teekon wilds to find their last littermate, wylla.

as winter hits the wilds, ingram discovers chusi on the borders of the sound and invites her to travel with them in their search for wylla. he introduces her to his brother and the two are spurned by lycaon, who is worried an additional mouth to feed in the winter will cause hardship for them all.

bit by bit, ankyra sound forms into a collection of wolves - first nyx, then the siren queen and her mate kierkegaard -- and the strand houses a pack once more, this time in the name of grimnismal. ingram is content with his lot here: he comes and goes like the neighbor's cat, routinely sees his siblings and girlfriend chusi, routinely avoids his adoptive mother, and meets a young wolf from a neighboring pack named furi. two months into grimnismal's inception, chusi is booted from the pack due to her defiance. faced with a tough decision to abandon his sister, or follow his girlfriend, ingram elects to stay -- and it is then that his life starts to fall apart.

oblivious to the ominous onset of strife on the horizon, ingram's life is relatively padded -- until one day his sister wylla's authority is challenged by kierkegaard and caiaphas, and his sister departs in a hurry. alone and disconsolate, ingram departs grimnismal in search of his sister.
Pack History
Lusca - mother
Tachyon - father

Lycaon - brother
Wylla - sister
saltwinter - whelp & puppy
keokuk glade - puppy to yearling
dispersal wolf - yearling to present
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