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Basic Info
Full Name: Mallaidh Furiosa Fearghal
Subspecies: Mixed (N. Rocky Mt, Mackenzie Val, Coyote, etc.)
Sex: Female
Age: 0.16* (April 1, 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath
At A Glance
Gangly, growing puppy. Screams a lot. Bites twice as much.

* as of June 1.
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Profile of Mallaidh: Details
Currently, Mallaidh is mostly dark brown that, in bad lighting, looks black. The first few weeks of her life, there will be little change but as she ages, her fur will continue to lengthen and slowly lighten in color in some areas. Her face will remain dark, but her mane will thicken significantly around her neck and turn to foggy gray that covers in varying tones along her torso. Darker guard hairs will form between her shoulder blades. Her front legs will stay dark in color but her back legs will have tufts of grey, and a small patch on top of her tail will have a little gray to contrast. She will look like the wolf version of this Norwegian Forest Cat.
Pack History
Parents: Lotte & Arturo
Older Siblings: Bain, Bowie, Cearney, Devin (Duana x Arturo), Chusi (adopted)
Littermates: Roarke, Eirlys, Ceallach.
TEAGHLAIGH 04/01/17 - present
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