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Basic Info
Full Name: Coelacanth Corten
Pronunciation: “SEEL-a-canth”
Subspecies: Wolfdog (½ Belgian Groenendael, ¼ Coastal Wolf, ¼ Vancouver Island Wolf)
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 1 (June 26, 2015)
Birthplace: Nanaimo, British Columbia
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Coelacanth, like her fraternal twin Amoxtli, is virtually untouched by her wild blood — her compact body structure, feathery fur, and aphotic coat color perfectly mirror her domesticated ancestors’. In comparison to her lupine brethren, Seelie is tiny, her smaller skull, shorter spine, and ectomorphic somatotype accentuated by her shy temperament and timorous mannerisms. Her glossy atramentous fur glimmers sapphire and cobalt in the light, setting the stage for brilliant Neptune eyes that twinkle with glints of oceanic turquoise. Tufted ears sit pertly atop her crown, tall and set close together, defying her taxonomic family and resembling those of a caracal instead. Coelacanth’s willowy musculature, catlike paws, and natural agility lend her a balletic, flowing gait and an otherworldly elegance. In her current state, whittled down to a waiflike thinness with the framework of her hips, ribs, and spine clearly delineated by her silky pelage, she is gamine, with a high, arched waist that slopes sharply down toward her rib cage.

[Image: 5BqgOKb.png]
        coelacanth and amoxtli corten arrive in the teekon wilds
        coelacanth meets doe cairn and is given the name “shadow”
        coelacanth meets marbas cairn and is given the name “siren”
        coelacanth meets kierkegaard demonte-sairensu and is given the name “nathimmel”
        marbas attacks coelacanth
        doe tends coelacanth’s wounds; coelacanth learns the whereabouts of the blackrock depths pack
        coelacanth comes to grips with her brother’s disappearance and relocates to the totoka river
        coelacanth meets dagfinn ansbjørn iii and is given the name “murhe sala”
        coelacanth meets starbuck and is given the name “lucienne”
        coelacanth meets chusi fearghal and is given the name “darky”; she is mistaken by szymon cairn for a “vessel of the sea” and becomes an unwitting accomplice to chusi’s kidnapping
        coelacanth is reunited with doe and is given the name “vesper” by szymon
        accompanied by doe, szymon, and chusi, coelacanth attends den night at stavanger bay
        coelacanth departs the teekon wilds in search of amoxtli in late september
        coelacanth returns to the teekon wilds and is reunited with szymon, who urges her to return to the bay
        coelacanth meets thexxan nýeldur and is given the name “izel”
        coelacanth returns to stavanger bay and submits to doe and szymon’s leadership
        in the wake of doe and szymon’s mysterious disappearance, coelacanth attempts to bond with their children, isengrim and julep cairn, and their niece, moorhen cairn [i · ii · iii]
        over the course of several serendipitous encounters, coelacanth befriends olive shakti-svartell; on their fourth meeting, coelacanth is given the name “carina” [i · ii · iii · iv]
        coelacanth, julep, and moorhen meet αγκάθι νηρειδες, matriarch of the nereides; julep disavows coelacanth’s guardianship and accompanies akantha back to the blackwater islands with moorhen in tow
        heartbroken and alone, coelacanth returns to the bay only to discover that isengrim too has disappeared; devastated, she flees the mainland and stumbles upon an old acquaintance, komodo “earthstalker” angakkuq
        coelacanth is betrayed by lotte ansbjørn fearghal and given to blackfeather woods as a prisoner

For history predating Coelacanth’s time in the Teekon Wilds, please see Corten’s Legacy.
Pack History
         Paternal: Riptide and Kirynnae
         Maternal: “Smudge” and “Knox”
         Parents: Crosscurrent and “Selkie”
         Littermate: Amoxtli
         Uncles: Undertow, Spindrift, Tidewater, Brontide, “Ten”
         Aunts: Whitecap, Breaker, Kailani, Backrush, Serein, Sirimiri, Moonglade, “Lossie”, “Tryst”, “Blackthorn”, “Reverie”
         Cousins: Chelan , Catori

Maternal relatives, listed by their call names, are unknown and have been included solely for record-keeping purposes. Hover for more information.
        January 8, 2016 — June 7, 2016
        June 7, 2016 — January 1, 2017
        January 1, 2017 — February 1, 2017
        February 1, 2017 — April 12, 2017
        April 12, 2017 — May 22, 2017
        May 22, 2017 — PRESENT
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