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Full Name: Olive Shakti
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female 9NVxqLUh
Age: 2.5 years old (October 10, 2014)
Birthplace: wanderer since birth
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willowy waif

human model: lana del rey
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scent: wet earth and berries
chaotic good

Olive has all the makings and characteristics of a small and dainty wolf. Her features are well proportioned, yet sharp in their shape. Olive has a narrow muzzle, a round head and sloping neck.

She is delicate, light and looks like she could easily be snapped in half. In true gamine fashion, her shoulders are set narrow on her frame, as are her hips, easily carrying one's gaze down Olive's legs to four delicate paws. Her legs, soft yet thin, and carry her in an elegant gait. Olive's fur stays true to that of her ancestry - largely heather gray that thickens into hues of silver along her spine and softens to hues of white on her belly and legs. Olive is a summer wolf and carries the thin fur to show for it. Her pelt is more silky and fine than it is thick and full.

Olive's namesake are her eye color, which are a dusky olive green. Olive is a naturalist at heart and spends much of her time around the flowers and foliage of the natural world, so it is not uncommon for a leaf-and-berry scent to follow the woman where ever she goes.

Currently Olive bears several scars and a persistent limp from being attacked by Blackfeather Woods.

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sylph [noun] - /silf/

1. an elemental being in the theory of paracelsus that inhabits air
2. a slender graceful woman or girl

Ethereal, docile and grounded. Earthy Olive earned those descriptors partially from the color of her muddled, soft pelt - but mostly from her refined personality. She is creativity with conviction; docile, yet animated; a humble advocate trying to leave her mark on the world.

Her inborn sense of morality helps Olive remain an ever-present help in her companions' lives. Olive values deep, personal relationships over superficialities. Olive speaks with warmth and compassion, easily making connections with her fellow wolves. She maintains a stronghold belief that love will be what saves wolves from themselves and will go to great lengths to protect that ideal. Not entirely built of moondust and butterflies, Olive does have an unsacrificing talent: Olive has yet to meet a situation that she cannot talk, smile and charm her way out of.

Fascinated by the natural world within she lives, Olive goes to great length to be one with her environment. Olive will often spend swathes of time sitting among the towering titans and celestial bodies, pondering her place in this world and the interconnectedness of the world. Olive is not unknown to read tellings of the future from the stars - in her words, the stars "paint beautiful pictures in her head."

"And in those four million, eight hundred and forty-eight thousand, four hundred seconds, so much had changed. Nothing ever remained the same, did it? Like the facets of a diamond or the kaleidoscope of the stars, Olive's complexities were ever unfolding. a mother. a lover. an exlover. a packmate. a traitor. a damned woman. a vestal prophet. Who she to say it was worse — or better? Who was she to make any choices at all? The woman was a facade, powered by the gods; they filled her and moved her body and spoke in her voice. They used her as a host; but oh if she wasn't the most willing of hosts." -fade left, fade right, fade out completely

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wanderer wandering

Olive was raised within a small nomadic pack of her father, mother and two brothers. Protected and safe within her close-knit family, Olive was able to explore and imbibe the world at her leisure. Her father was an astronomer and mother was a naturalist, so their wanderer lifestyle appealed to the family greatly. Olive played with her brothers, learned about the earth from her mother and gained her spirituality from her father, who believed so much in what lay beyond their physical world. Olive was raised to have an in respect for nature, which persists to this day. After a lengthy childhood, Olive broke apart from her family group and ventured out on her own, convicted that her purpose lay in advocating peace in places that have never known love and unity. Soon after entering the Teekon Wilds, Olive was tricked by the stranger Furiosa and brought to Teaghlaigh’s leader. When the ruse was lifted, Olive made the decision to stay and join the newly formed family permanently. Olive still managed to find freedom in her travels and Arturo permitted her to move amongst the wilds quite freely; and, more than once, Olive would return with a new family member in tow. One of these new members was a man named Dakarai, whom Olive immediately recognized to be her soul mate. They courted and fell in love in the course of one night, but they both needed to return to their own packs. They promise to find each other again, when the time was right. Life was quiet for a while until Dakarai indeed did return [wounded gravely from the defection of his former pack, Blackfeather Woods].

Then Furiosa was murdered, an event that was quickly followed by the accidental death of Palisander. Then the coastal alliance was decimated by two huge blows: their ally Donnelaith was consumed by an inferno and weeks later, their remaining ally Blackwater Depth was felled by their own leadership. Within all this turbulence, Olive was promoted to Arturo’s second in command. Desperately needing a vacation, Olive and Dakarai left for several weeks to travel around the wilds. Here, the two became official mates and conceived their first litter. However, during this honeymoon Dakarai was injured in a hunt and lost his memory.

For a complete history of Olive's life in the wilds, please visit her PawPrint thread.

Pack History
Previous Mate - Dakarai Svartell
Offspring - Sirius Svartell, Aries Svartell, Cassiopeia Svartell

Extended list of relationships can be found in Olive's PawPrint thread.
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LONE WOLF ---> 10.31.15 - 10.21.16
TEAGHLAIGH ---> 10.21.16 - 3.31.17
LONE WOLF ---> 3.31.17 - 4.4.17
MOONSPEAR ---> 4.4.17 - present
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Olive's surname, Shakti, is very meaningful to her. Shakti is the Hindu goddess that represents the divine feminine, creative energy. Anything that has Shakti is alive, luminous and desirable. Shakti is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin and feeling that your life has meaning and value. When you have Shakti you have the energy to engage with life in meaningful ways. Shakti empowers you to seek growth and change and to find purpose and fulfillment in everyday life. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life. When Shakti is directed inwards it empowers you to raise your consciousness, to experience yourself as part of something greater. Ultimately, Shakti is the fuel that powers your spiritual growth and the awakening of consciousness.

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