Profile of Grayday: Quick Facts

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Mate to Khoe
Basic Info
Full Name: Grayday Morningside
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (January 17th, 2013)
Birthplace: Southern Alaska
At A Glance
Tangy eyes, glazed by cataracts. Gray fur. Favors is right side, due to the grape-fruit sized scar on his right flank.
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Profile of Grayday: Details
Grayday is a spry, slim wolf of medium build, with a fluffy, gray coat makes him look a bit bigger than he really is. His eyes are a dull, burnt umber, and have the beginnings of white cataracts forming over them. He has a dirty cream underbelly with gray, watermark-like speckles on his chest and legs. The rest of his coat is mottled grey, much like that of his brother, Shale, and opposite to his starkly cream sister, Sunspot.

Scent: Fresh-cut cedar. Rain on a blacktop road. Earth damp and open. Birds spiraling into a sunset that never seems to sink.
Grayday is a reserved, taciturn creature who often thinks a lot more than he says. However, this does not mean that all his words are ones of wisdom; he has a talent for hurting feelings without meaning to and will say something stupid about as often as he'll say something smart.

A simple man, Grayday enjoys spending his days hunting, snoozing, and travelling.

Human Reference: Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
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Early History:
Born into a close-knit pack of family members, Grayday rose quickly through the ranks, though he never got quite so high as alpha or beta. Those positions always belonged to his father and uncle, respectively. He coudl've waited for one of them to die - he would surely become alpha over his softer, sweeter brother - but both males were in their prime, and good to all the pack. Not only that, but he was closely related to all members of the pack - females included. If he ever wanted a mate and pups of his own, he'd have to go and find them.

So, naturally, he set off on his own. His spirit for adventure took him far and wide for more than a year, until he found himself in the Teekon Wilds with a few more miles on him than he really needed. It was definitely time for him to settle down - he just had to find the right place; the right people.

Teekon Wilds:
Enters the wilds during the Great Famine and meets Doe
Joins Silvertip Mountain
Participates in pack hunt at the end of the famine
Meets Adeline and begins to feel a little more at home with the Silvertip wolves
Meets and mates with Amber
Reports on his trip to Broken Antler Fen and helps found a feud between the packs; tells Steady about his encounter with Amber
The pack moves to the Stone Circle and becomes Easthollow
Goes to get his eyes healed; angers Adeline
Speaks to Deirdre about a treatment for his eyes
Makes up with Adeline
Hunts with Valette
Has a heart-to-heart with Steady and gains the alpha’s acceptance for his budding family
Returns to find Amber; discovers he will be a father and meets Dagfinn, the Other Man
Returns home with a heavily pregnant Amber
Meets Mirabelle; dislikes Mirabelle
Another hunt with Valette (and Mirabelle)
Sunny and Dawn are born
Bonds with Mirabelle
Adeline leaves Easthollow
Amber leaves Easthollow
Krypton (past crush from Silvertip Mountain) returns
Murders the crap out of Mirabelle’s mother (AKA Easthollow’s Undesirable No. 1)
Shelters with pack during the Big Storm
Chaska and Mirabelle leave
Interrupts a delicate moment between Steady and Valette
Attends pack meeting; becomes beta!
Adeline returns!
Adeline moves in with Grayday and Fam
Remy and Grayday are eskimo brothers; Grayday possibly fathers another bastard litter
Sunny is attacked! Grayday injures Sunny
Chaska is rejected at the borders
Grayday finds Sorrel Marie and brings her home
Adeline and Grayday go scouting together
Pack History
Offspring: Sunny, Dawn, Easy, Lavender, Dauntless
Mate: Khoe (formerly "Akuti")
Littermates: Shale, Sunspot
Parents: Mud, Lark
SAMETH-BY-THE-RIVER01/17/13 - 07/29/13
LONE WOLF07/30/13 - 05/12/16
SILVERTIP MOUNTAIN05/13/16 - 09/30/16
EASTHOLLOW10/01/16 - 03/08/17
LONE WOLF03/09/17 - 04/18/17
MORNINGSIDE04/19/17 - present
Profile of Grayday: Additional Information
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