Phoenix Maplewood When the buzzards get loud
All Welcome  January 22, 2018, 11:29 PM
Trade thread ~ for ranger or hunter (#3)

        North, still, but the sky was darkening and Larus knew he would have to make camp soon. The marsh tapered to the northwest and he could recall a memory of a forest ahead; so, that was his choice. The man paused when he saw a flicker of movement overhead and looked expectantly after it, watching as a pair of blue herons became thin lines towards the mountains. He thought briefly of going after them but, in the end, didn't.

        The maplewood surrounded him soon enough, welcoming him with a sway of skeletal branches. The man couldn't stop a yawn from pulling at his gut and his yellowed maw gaped wide, teeth clicking a moment later. It was quiet out here and Larus could feel the descending dark, the sweeping cold that would only get more intense. He roused himself by shaking his shoulders and whipping his head about, but it was hardly invigorating. Perhaps this was as far as he would go for now.