Ankyra Sound his legs were long and lean
All Welcome  February 25, 2018, 08:51 PM
@Rose - backdated to a few days or so after capture, maybe?

ingram hated being in the grotto - for one, it was occupied by the Very Scary Saltwench, and for two, it was dark and smelly and always full of unpleasant slimy surprises and roots that clogged the tunnels and impeded his progress. he was only here because he had a mouthful of fish needing storage. his plan was to cache the fish in the cavern that marked their main rendezvous and then beat out of there like a bat out of hell.

as he rifled through the hardened stone and placed the fish in the small cache hole he had dug, he thought he heard something stirring. he turned around half-expecting caiaphas -- only to see a bent form stirring in the darkness. his ears pulled back and he cast a look around them, unsure of who this figure was. it didn't smell like anyone he knew, but the dank scent of the cave was so overzealous it concealed most of her scent. "hello?" he called out in an unsure voice, ears pressed forward in alarm.