Ankyra Sound the thistle and the burr
Private  March 09, 2018, 11:43 PM

        on any certain day it was to be Lycaon avoiding social obligations. however, for the past few days, he'd been seeing less and less of his brother and was growing concerned over the boy's morose, stricken demeanor on the few occasions he did. as frustrated he was, still--a receptacle for unexpirable grudges--for Ingram's recent foray into affairs of the heart, fearing that perhaps the boy was concealing an infection from the lacerations raking his leg, Lycaon was not game for withholding diligence a minute longer. 
        "ingle!" he yawped, roaming up the coast at a dogtrot with eyes peeled for his boon companion. what if he'd gone and died? how would he break the news to Wylla? she would definitely chum the waters with his guts if he brought tidings of their dearest bruuvers passing. ahhhhhhhh madre mia. "INGRAM!!!" 

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