Profile of Valette: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Valette. Formerly known as: Desna Apaata
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf x Eastern Timber Wolf x Arctic Wolf Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1,5 Year (18th of June 2015)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley Pack
At A Glance
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Profile of Valette: Details

Valette is overall chocolate in color, being the darkest in fur color of her litter mates. As a pup, she had dark eyes, but they slowly fade into a hazel green color. She grew to be taller than her mother Scarlett. Valette sports the exact coloring of her mother if she wouldn't have the albino gene. Valette is averaged sized for a female her age. She turned out to be bigger than her mother yet smaller than her father.
As a pup Desna was far bossier than she turned out to be as an adult. The girl has the good nature of her mother and wants to do things right. She is rational in her thinking and knows the rules of the wolf world. Often you can find her being polite and kind to strangers as she travels. She is very honest and will tell you straight up what she thinks of someone of her own rank, with leaders she knows to bite her tongue if she doesn't agree.

She is very dutiful and loyal towards the ones she is close with. Though, having to live through loved ones leaving her from a young age. She is hesitant to friendships that turn into something greater, not wanting to lose someone she is close with. However, she is generally good at making friends.

— Survived the BWP 'Super Storm' after the birthing den flooded.
— Father and Mother had a fight and split.
— Desna chooses her mother and they go to PHX.
— Desna shows interested in becoming a Hunter.
— Gains Hunter trade.
— Her mother dies from the aftermath of a cougar attack.
— Sisters leave Desna after the death of her mother.
— Desna grows closer to Reek, new father figure.
— Desna travels to see her estranged Father and Brother, meeting doesn't end on good terms.
— When she returns Reek has been kicked out from PHX.
— After confronting her Father Desna changed her name to Valette.
— Valette has to move with PHX because of a sever threat.
— During their trip she looses her way and is not able to find them again.
— Valette becomes a loner, free from anyone she cared about. She feels this is the best way for her to live.
— Valette realizes while being alone it might not be the best way to live and joins Silvertip Mountain.
— Valette takes her first solo scouting trip through the Taiga, which made her obtain the Ranger specialty.
— After returning from her scouting trip Steady gives her another mission; to scout out new lands for them to live in Rising Sun Valley.
— Silvertip Mountain pack moves to Stone Circle and changes their name to Easthollow on Valette's suggestion.
— A week after settling in their new location Valette becomes the Beta of the pack.
— On the 31th of October Althaia gets brutally murdered on their borders and Valette becomes involuntary the 'mother' of her pups Keoni and Nikai.
— After Steady and her team up to be the parents for Keoni and Nikai things start to grow between Steady and Valette. On January 22nd 2017 they become mates and Valette becomes the alpha female of Easthollow.
— Steady dies on 17th of April. He leaves Valette alone with Nikai and Keoni.
Pack History
Her mother is Scarlett and her father is named Kove. She has three silbings called Alexander, Sesi and Nanook. Her relationships are a bit messed up. She is not close with any of her family members and is afraid to let others become close to her in fear of loosing them. However there is one wolf very special to her and made it past her guards, which is Steady her current mate. Sadly, he passed away on 17th of April.

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BEARCLAW VALLEY18/06/2015 till 25/09/2015.
LONE WOLF25/09/2015 till 03/10/2015.
PHOENIX MAPLEWOOD03/10/2015 till 17/04/2016.
NOMADS17/04/2016 - 04/05/2016.
LONE WOLF04/05/2016 till 19/06/2016.
SILVERTIP MOUNTAIN19/06/2016 till 01/10/2016.
EASTHOLLOW01/10/2016 till Present.
Profile of Valette: Additional Information
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