Moonspear as dark as the fallen star
All Welcome  January 10, 2018, 05:39 PM
It had been snowing steadily for what seemed like hours. When Dirge had retired for the evening it had only begun, dotting what few locations left uncovered with new snowfall. By the early hours of morning those untouched locales were packed full and the paths he normally took were deepening. The ambient silence gave him reason for a slow start; he took his time stretching and drawing in the sights from an unclaimed cave along a rocky stretch. With a passing thought for what a shame it was that he ruined the pristine trail he had set off, swift to suss out a thin ribbon of mountain water. This was not a long venture to some still uncharted area yet unexplored by him; he frequented this spot with others at varying times.

As he drank from the crisp waters, awareness set in. The fugue of lingering sleep whisked itself away, the dullness of his eyes dissipated for a better time. The world before him still laid untouched and full of solitude. It was solitude that gathered his thoughts and left him to peruse them. He wondered how long winter would drag on in these parts, questioned if the weather would abate long enough for a venture elsewhere. Staying in one place for too long had unsurprisingly left him stir crazy, but he was not foolish enough to take day trips unaware of what the weather would be. Getting snowed out somewhere could have easily made the difference between life and death and he quite liked being among the living.

Of course... there was also the matter of events with Moonspear as well. Hydra had filled in the blanks and he had suspected that had been for his own good. His judgments had not gone one way or another however, and as he finished getting his fill of fluids, his thoughts vacated that point for what to do next. He debated seeking out another, though the temptation to suss out Hydra and try and laze through the rest of the morning was there. That didn't seem to difficult a task as she was inclined to be in his company from frequent bout to bout. @Rannoch was an option too, though he wasn't entirely sure what the wolf's schedule was. With a snort and no particular decision, he decided to wander the slope instead—whatever happened would happen.
January 12, 2018, 08:35 PM
Liffey breathed deep and steady as she strode quietly across the wintery landscape. She had always considered there to be something so comforting and peaceful about snow, and so she wandered through it now in hopes of soaking in whatever calm it might offer her. She continued to be plagued with worry over Gannet and misgivings over all that had happened recently. The Blackthorn knew worry to be nothing but wasted time. Though difficult to deter, she tried. And that's where the snow came in.

The iota had found herself unable to sleep that night, and so she'd abandoned the attempt a few hours before dawn. She'd spent an hour or so attempting to track down game, but the trail had gone stale and she'd begun to wander down paths that were now familiar to her with only stars and snowflakes to keep her company. The sun rose to find her doing the same still, but she paid little attention anymore to her surroundings. She was lost in thought in spite of herself, and too tired now to do anything but surrender to them.

She did not notice the other wolf until he stood only a few feet before her. A last minute glance brought him to her attention and she froze, her tail flashing high in alarm and hackles raising. In a second, Liffey realized that this was a packmate and not a threat, and so she settled and bowed her head apologetically. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you," she said, "I wasn't paying attention. I hope I didn't startle you..." She stole a glance at his face, wincing slightly as she tried to determine whether or not she had.

if I knew where I was going, I'd lose my way.
January 17, 2018, 03:07 AM
An outcropping hid her away for only a moment, but that was all it had taken when she had appeared on high alert. The startle that rippled through her was a cascading wave along his hackles. They smoothed as apologies rolled out, his muteness intact until they trailed off in the stillness; he was relatively nonplussed about their encounter.

"Well I suppose I am a bit of a scare in this droll scenery," he commented with a tilt of his head. She smelled of Rannoch, but also damp. Everything smelled damp in that snow though. "Can't fault you for being jumpy with all going on now can I." There was an appraising tone to his voice that mimicked his wandering gaze—had he seen her about? He didn't recall—but nothing nefarious came of it as he cast it back to the way she had come.

"What's become of your fellow Rannoch? I was considering looking him up this morning but I appear to have the good fortune of stumbling across his lady. Liffey, yes?" Her name came back to him through meandering words, though he hoped he hadn't butchered its pronunciation to pieces.