Blacktail Deer Plateau Mini
January 12, 2018, 12:25 AM
Leader II

Pema was taking a small mid day nap. Alot had happened within the last couple days. The pack had had a breeding season meeting. Engel was out of the pack. There were various injuries her and there that she had treated and needed to catch up on. And Burr wanted to go home soon. She just needed some time to relax.

Her den was nice and cozy as usual, acting as a safe haven from the cold winter exterior. The sun was nicely reflecting off the snow and leaking into the entrance of the den. A nice sight to see when she would occasionally open her eyes due to a noice or passing body. 
January 16, 2018, 03:39 PM
Shivers quaked Lavender's body; an excursion outside of Pema's den had run longer than Lavender had anticipated, and she found herself too cold to go any further. Retracing her steps, she made quick time in returning to the den where she spent most of her time. 

The rush of warmth that greeted her as she entered was welcomed, and for a moment, she savored the sensation as she shook herself in the den's foyer. 

When she surveyed the cave, she spotted Pema curled up near the rear. Her breath hitched in the back of her throat as she realized that the medic was asleep, and suddenly she became more aware of the noise she had made. With a twinge of guilt, as she worried that she had been too loud upon entering the den, Lavender tiptoed forward; she fancied the idea of an afternoon nap and was eager to join Pema.

please come with me,
see what i see,
touch the stars,
for time will not flee