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For @Grayday ;) Here we gooooooo

Amber hadn't wondered why she'd been a little more.... Crazy of late-like being jealous of her sister and Heston, that she couldn't even be sure was really a thing- but she was starting to get upset about it. So just before the sun came up this morning, the pitch black woman struck again from the borders. She wasn't going to be gone long this time, but something just wasn't right-something she couldn't place.
Unfortunately, poor Heston was probably going nuts with the scent of Amber's heat strewn across the Creek lands-a scent she didn't yet notice was following her, and one effectively waving a giant, neon flag above the receptive female.
The shadowy fae didn't smell herself until she'd begun climbing the fringes of Boartusk Heights. She'd twisted her head around, over her shoulder, to look down at her progress, and the strengthening scent assaulted her nose. 
Amber cursed to the wind, not bothering to keep her voice down-everyone within a few miles would be able to track her down soon. So, the femme did the only thing she could-the thing she was planning to do anyway-and kept climbing. It was only just lightening, and the highest spikes always presented her closer to the starts as she'd ever been. She wasn't sure what happened when a male found her-not if, when-since Spring and she had never talked about kids. She wasn't sure how Silver Creek worked in that fashion, but surely even if they were more traditional, Spring wouldn't kill her own kin? 
But did any of that daunt Amber, make her think to ask Spring first? No-in fact, she barely even thought about it- she had better things to do than worry. 
Perching on a thick tusk of stone, as high as Amber's paws could take her, the woman turned her eyes on the equally as blue sky, searching out all she knew and going over them once again for the memory.
September 21, 2016, 05:38 PM
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Set sometime before his visit to BAF
He'd lost Eden's scent somewhere in the rain, but Grayday wasn't too worried. I'll be able to track someone down as soon as the sky clears. Someone will be able to point me in the right direction, he'd thought. But the skies had been clear and blue for several hours already, and Day hadn't run into anyone just yet.

Still, the situation seemed salvagable. The fen was surrounded by water, and near to the western rise of mountains that'd been in his sights through the whole journey. He was nearer now to the mountains than any scent of water, and so, the grayscale male decided to do a bit of climbing. His eyes weren't great, but he figured he'd be able to see a couple of big lakes if he got to a good enough vantage point.

So Grayday climbed, and it was impossible to say when he stopped looking for a good vista and started trying to track down that scent. He knew it well enough, by now. His first encounters with it had led to nothing of consequence, as he'd been too young to put children into the women who'd allowed him near enough to try, and his encounter with the dark stranger had been unremarkable, to say the least. (He didn't know if it was his own rusty charms or the shewolf's pickiness that'd caused her to pass him over, but with some distance between them, he couldn't begrudge the woman her opinions.)

He caught sight of the shewolf and the forgotten vantage point almost at the same time. A shock of static electricity seemed to shoot through his body, while his mind lit up with bright lights. I could see the fen from there, he thought to himself, though his eyes quickly skipped over the jutting stone to trace the figure of yet another dark woman.

Hopefully, this one would be more receptive to him than the last.

"You wouldn't happen to know where a pack called Broken Antler Fen lies, would you?" he asked, the words coming out with surprising ease despite the jumping-jacks his heart was performing in an attempt to pump red blood to certain parts of his body.
September 21, 2016, 07:23 PM
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Amber sat there a while by herself, feathery tail swaying softly off the spike under her, face turned up to the sky in a peaceful mask. It wasn't until the sound of another melted the statue-her ears cupped back to him as he caught sight of her, and in the next moment her soulful eyes followed. Fully aware that it was likely her scent he was drawn to, she did nothing but give him a hard look of warning before standing and jumping onto firm ground and taking a few steps towards him. 

He asked about some pack called Broken Antler Fen, and Amber nodded-he had to have been able to see the fen from where he had climbed, and though she didn't actually know if that was the pack, it seemed like a good answer. 
                 "If I'm right, you would have seen it on your way up here. Is that all you're here for?"
The words might have seemed harsh, but a warm smile graced her ebony maw, and her tail wagged-unintentionally spreading her scent.
September 21, 2016, 07:51 PM
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She seemed just as unfriendly as the other woman had, though far less skittish, it appeared. Though she'd graced him with a hard look when he'd come into view, she had no qualms about leaving her perch and stepping nearer to him. In a sign of deference, Grayday took a single step backward, hoping she would see it as cooperation and not retreat.

Her words took him by surprise, and for a moment he itched to glance behind him and check - he really did want to know where the fen was - but too much of him was focused on the shewolf to do more than quirk and ear in that direction. Truth be told, he'd stopped glancing behind him as soon as he'd realized what scent was on the wind. That didn't mean he'd stopped thinking about the fen, though. That didn't mean it wasn't still one of his priorities.

He was silent for a beat after her question, on the verge of saying yes and thank you - and it wouldn't have been a lie a second ago, but it would be stupid to try and convince himself that the same held true for him now.

"No," he easily admitted, reluctant to assume anything but drawn in by her soft smile, and then more fiercely by the scent swirling in the air. He took a small step nearer, regaining the ground he'd given when she'd come down to meet him. If she didn't want it, there was no reason to leave any space between them. Feeling bold, he closed the distance, slowing only when he came near enough to touch. "What about you? Got someplace you need to be?" he asked, voice grown low and gritty as he tried his best to sound both calm and coherent. It was hard to even breath around her, let alone mesh his rabbit-trail thoughts into sentences she wouldn't laugh at him for.
September 21, 2016, 08:16 PM
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Amber liked to think herself good at reading body language, knowing actions-and when the man stepped back, she took it just as he'd meant it. He only turned an ear at her words of the fen, and hesitated-was he considering lying? That, she'd never know, but when he admitted she was correct Amber had to admit she was easy to trust him. 

Even when he took a step closer, she still did not send him away-not even when he drew to her side. Her eyes never left his slightly clouded umber ones, but they were much more welcoming than before. His voice tickled her ears, sent a shiver down her spine that eventually forced her to full shake out her raven-feather coat; she danced to the side with a soft giggle and a gentle nip to his shoulder-hormones were guiding most of her moves, but she was reminded of her first time meeting Heston: she'd played with him openly, too.
This meeting, however, would end a little differently than that one-but Amber fully planned on knowing the man at least a little first, make sure the father of her possible children wasn't full of ill intentions.
                    "Well right now, I'm here. My name is Amber Ciel- Silver Creek won't be missing me for a while yet."

Amber tipped her head expectantly after introducing herself, waiting for him to speak, tail still waving from side to side gently. Maybe she did know how her scent affected him, maybe she was teasing, but if she did her wide, innocent eyes held no knowledge.
September 21, 2016, 09:01 PM
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Amber, then. Day couldn't help but think that it didn't really fit her; Ebony or Raven, maybe - or Bluejay, for her eyes. But she was called Amber, and in truth, that mattered very little to Grayday. 

A startled laugh escaped him when she quickly side-stepped his advances, seemingly affected by his presence - thought, doubtlessly, not to the same degree that he was affected by hers. The playful nip at his shoulder brought a rakish grin to his face, and though her face was a blur of motion, he did not miss the warm in her eyes or her easy expression as she introduced herself, confirmed that she, too, was not here to lay idle. "Amber Ciel," he repeated, setting both names aside for future rumination - he'd never be able to muse on it, now.  "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Grayday - or Day. Day Silvertip."

The last name was a feigned one; such things didn't exist where he came from, but adding the extra moniker would help her to find him if the need ever arose. And he hoped she would have a reason to. Having cubs of his own was one of his deepest wants - more than he wanted Amber, though it was hard to imagine wanting anything more than her, at the moment.

Day wasn't sure how to go about winning her affections, but she seemed happy enough with his company already. Testing both her and himself, he darted forward to return her nip, though he kept his teeth shielded, unsure of himself. His muzzle would bump harmlessly against neck, if he was fast enough.
September 21, 2016, 09:19 PM
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He, too, gave his name easily, but she could tell he was commanded by her scent when he said nothing more than a greeting-the fae knew what he wanted. A chuckle fell from her lips as she shook her head, tucking his name in the back of her mind should she ever need to search him out. He did know what happened when females in heat mated, right?

Before she could react much, he reacted to her touch, reaching out again and bumping against her neck playfully. She felt his breath through her soft, feathery fur and turned to lavish the side of his jaw with swipes of her tongue when he'd stilled, the smallest of breathy whines escaping from her throat-it seemed their wants were one and the same. Part of her longed to question if he knew what this would bring, what he planned on doing about it, but she was too caught up in the needs her hormones brought on: right now, only the male next to her could fulfil that. Her preening was joined with the nibble of her teeth against the base of his ear before turning and prancing another step or two away-this time, her waving tail beckoned him after her.
September 21, 2016, 09:32 PM
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Something finally clicked at her returned affections - he remembered the game, by and by, though he'd never played it like this; as a man would. But the folly of his youth returned to him, now, and he as insistent against her, grooming and nibbling in turn. His teeth, now, were unguarded as he raked them through her fur, an appreciative growl thrumming in his throat as her wicked scent seemed to surround him.

"C'mere," he laughed when she pulled away, following doggedly after her - head down, forehead bumping against her side. His heart felt light in his chest. Day would chase pursue her, if that was what she wanted, but he hoped she wouldn't make him wait. Still, he would grovel and preen and urge until she was content with him.

"Do you live far from here?" he asked, attempted to draw himself up beside her, so that he might feel her warmth along the length of him. Is she a cuddler? he wondered. He hoped so, but there were other questions he would ask her long before that. More pressing ones; ones that worried him. Will you tell them my name? Will you send for me?

He'd worry more later. For now, she was near him, and little else mattered.
September 21, 2016, 09:57 PM
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This man was experienced, Amber thought as he matched her passionate attentions-and gladly did the woman recieve them. His growl loosed another shiver down her spine, but then she'd bounded away.

He followed, much to Amber's enjoyment, calling playfully after her with a tone that was heavy with the need they both felt. As he bumped against her, she stilled-as did her breath, for a brief moment-and no longer pulled away. His words were heard, but it was the mingling of their fur and the pressure against her side that kept her rooted to him. 

At first, the haze of hormones caused the proud femme to stumble over her thoughts-but then his question really clicked, and with the warming of her skin, she shook her head. Amber gave both an answer and a question of her own: as long as she could withstand her hormones, she would talk. The mention of her home gave her the realization, though, that he did indeed know what would likely come of this-was this his way of asking to be involved?
                           "Sorry. No-I live just on the other side of this mountain from the fen. How far are you from here?"
September 21, 2016, 10:10 PM
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Her nearness was maddening; his head was spinning, his thoughts chaotic, her nerves sparking and twitching in a ways that both pleased and frustrated him to no end. His question was already forgotten, and being within such easy reach made him impatient.

Experimentally, he hooked one long leg over Amber's back, not yet truly trying to mount her, but wondering that was a privlege he'd be allowed. He half-expected to be rebuffed entirely, and so he paused at once when her voice reached him. One ear flickered in her direction as he tried to process her words, and when he did, he made an effort to meet her gaze.

"Far," he admitted, "But not too far." And - it was not a lie, exactly. He was confident in his abilities to track and navigate. If she told him where she lived, if he remembered where they met, if, if, if... "I'll find you," he told her, and it was not exactly a lie, but he would have said just about anything right then, if it meant she would give in to him. Still - still, he remained frozen beside her, one leg pressing uneven weight into her back while the other remained firmly planted on the ground. If she slipped away now, he wouldn't stop her.
September 21, 2016, 10:34 PM
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Before he'd given any answer, the pale man pulled her closer, hooking a leg over her hip before pausing and giving her a wondering look. It was then he answered-clearly, he wasn't from around here, but with hope he wasn't over the other stretch of mountains. That would surely be too far-but Amber's thoughts were cut off by his promise to find her. Without thinking if he was lying or not, Amber gave into their carnal needs, lowering her front half the slighest bit to steady her ebony frame; her tail swished one last time across his face before curling to her flank and leaving Grayday with the permission he so wanted for their dance. For good measure, she didn't hold back a throaty, needy growl-this, if nothing else, he would understand.
September 21, 2016, 10:50 PM
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For one breath-stopping, heart-twisting, aching moment, nothing happened. Day held steady, ready to relinquish his hold on her at any sign of discomfort. Though the urge to breed was a powerful one, he was ever mindful of the needs of those around him. If she did not want him, he would depart.

The moment stretched on forever, and feeling doubt, he prepared himself to release this catch of his. It would not be easy to loosen the tense muscles that held her to him, but he would do it.

He thanked the gods when she relaxed, her body suddenly alive and pliant. His heart skipped, hammering against his chest, but Day wasted little time. He swept one short, soothing lick over the fur on her shoulder before rearing back and finding the jut of her hips with his paws. She was warm and padded beneath him, and they banged.

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If you're good, I am! Gonna skip all the obvious parts :3

Dance they did, much to what Amber knew was both a giant relief for the two of them. It also sealed her fate of having a family-and giving her a newfound worry of what Spring would do when she found out.
The shadowy fae hoped she knew her sister better, that she knew that Spring wouldn't kill her own nieces or nephews, but now that it was actually a possibility, it scared her.

After the two been released from each other, Amber slid to the ground where they were, panting softly and turning her worried but warm ocean eyes on her lover, reaching her muzzle to meet his. What they would be from this day on, she did not know, but for the time being, she looked at him with the passion and warmth of what she felt in this moment.
September 21, 2016, 11:34 PM
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Day was still panting, though he'd caught his breath some time ago by the time Amber slithered away. He felt light and carefree, and panting seemed the natural way to express this, though his tongue found its way back into his mouth as he slipped down beside the dark woman and pressed happy licks against her face, murmuring soft words of praise that rolled too-easy off his sleepy tongue. He hoped she was a cuddler; that she wouldn't disappear now that she'd gotten what she wanted.

"Think it'll take?" he asked, the question trailing as he gave a wide yawn. His body felt heavy and boneless, but he resisted the urge to lay his head over her shoulder and give in to sleep. There was too much to learn, and he worried she might disappear before they had a chance to figure this out.

"I'm at Silvertip Mountain," he said quickly, wanting her to know this, if nothing else. He gestured with a firm tip of his nose, "Just over there," but wondered now if that information would be of any use; there was a lot in that direction, and plenty of ways for a wolf to get lost. He'd find her, though. He would.
September 21, 2016, 11:57 PM
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Amber was glad when he slipped down beside her and relaxed-they both had similar fears, but perhaps that was a good thing. She leaned into his larger form, accepting the affection she'd so craved for the past month. She needed this in so many more ways than just hormones called for. 

His yawned question tickled her ears, and a shy, timid smile spread across her face after he gestured towards home- even if he didn't she hoped it did! Instead of directly answering, the femme asked another question: her own body language, like the tail wagging against his flank, said enough for her.
                "Do you want it to?"
September 22, 2016, 12:15 AM
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Amber seemed happy enough to remain with him, so Day continued his grooming, smoothing down the fur on her neck where a love bite had ruffled it, or discretely cleaning up a bit of drool that may or may not have come from his mouth. (He swept his tongue over his muzzle, too, at that point. Better safe than sorry.) The smell of her still stirred him up inside, but he was too tired to give in to the carnal urgings again so soon. For now, he was content to simply lie with her and enjoy the warmth of another wolf at his side.

Her question startled him - "Of course," he said at once, a bit defensive in the knee-jerk response. As soon as the words left his mouth, though, he tried to soften them for his kind-eyed lover. He laid back and tipped his head toward the woman, nudging her chin with his nose. "Cubs are - more than anything," he said, stumbling over the words in his haste to reassure her. "I've always wanted a family," he explained, though he was unwilling to tell her the whole story of that endeavor. "I'll check in with you in a few weeks to see. Just give me a bit more to go by - you said Silver Creek. Where is that, exactly?"

He did not consider that her feelings might be hurt by his unwillingness to remain with her if she did not bear his children. In his mind, it seemed silly to abandon his own pack for a stranger unless he was sure his brood lived within her. Adeline was at Silvertip, after all, and Day still had a job to do.
September 22, 2016, 12:40 AM
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Day was quick to reassure her-stuttering over all of what he seemed to want to say- and Amber pressed her muzzle to his neck with a hum of happiness. She didn't take the harshness of his first words to heart, at least not the wrong way; she was glad he was so passionate about having pups. The grey man was gentle with her, kind-he would make a good father, should he chose to stay as he was now promising. In a few weeks, he would come to her-she just needed to give direction. 
               "I'm glad we share feelings on puppies: will you stay with me, if I am? Or would you plan on coming back and forth to see your children?"
Twisting her head completely around, eyes going right to the two vertical spikes in which she'd climbed up through and straining to see the waters of Silver Creek. Giving a quick lick to his muzzle before laying comfortably against his side again. 
                                        "Its that way: when you get to the very base of these mountains, there is a forest.... We are hidden behind that, and if you reach any other mountains or a plateau, you've gone too far." 
September 22, 2016, 12:51 AM
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That Amber didn't take offense to his tone was a welcome relief. He'd spent so much time over the past few months keeping quiet because he wasn't sure how to say what he wanted. It was validating to speak and be understood - maybe he would have the confidence, next time, to seek out a packmate when he felt lonely. Maybe he'd seek out Amber.

"I'll stay," he told her, though truthfully, he considered it a question to be had closer to the time, and only once he was sure of the pregnancy. It might have been callous, but Amber meant little to him on her own. He would raise a family with her, if that was in the cards, and perhaps then love would blossom between them - but for the moment, she was little more than a friendly stranger. He'd gladly see her again, but unless she would give him a family, leaving Silvertip for her seemed like a bad idea. Even as he promised to stay with her, he began composing a speech to try and win her toward Silvertip instead.

Day followed her gaze in the direction she'd indicated, ears flickering as he stared into the distance. Little of the landscape was discernable to his weathered eyes, but that should be a problem, so long as her directions were true.

Remembering what he'd come up here to do in the first place, he glanced in the other direction and saw the distinct shape of an antler glittering up at him from below. There it was.

"I'm going to have to go soon," he said reluctantly, though he snuggled closer to her all the same. "My alpha sent me to speak to someone from the fen, and I already wasted a bit of time lost in the rain."
September 22, 2016, 01:19 AM
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Day said he would stay, but somewhere in her heart Amber knew that it was only for the posibility of cubs. Still, she found her heart throbbing at the thought of never seeing this almost stranger again- and odd thing the feel, she thought- and hoped that he followed through in his promises. She would find a mate anyway-just for precaution, lest this pale man never came back- but already hoped that Day came back for her and joined the Creek. Thoughts hadn't crossed her mind to move with him-but one day, one day she really would have to choose.

They stayed there for a moment in silence, and Amber felt herself start to drift off with his warm frame keeping away the chill Autumn morning. The words that brought her away from that realm were a kick in the gut, but she understood- he needed to do his duty for those he was loyal to. Nodding, she shifted away from him-standing and stretching with a light moan. 
          "I understand."
She met his eyes with a small, wistful smile-she'd already long made up some perfect fairytale about him- and stepped closer for one last headbutt to his shoulder, rubbing along his chest affectionatley. 
                       "Just make sure you come back, 'kay?"
September 22, 2016, 01:42 AM
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Day pulled himself away as well, once his comfy pillow had stood. He took a long moment to stare out over the land and memorize his route before turning back to Amber, warmth in his eyes. Her smile broke and answering one across his teeth, and he returned her bump of affection with a lingering embrace, curling his neck around hers in the wolf facsimile of a hug. So close to hear, and with the sleep now gone from his eyes, it was hard to ignore the heady scent that still enveloped her. With a quiet groan, he tried to remind himself that he had places to be.

"Of course," he readily agreed, finding no problem with her command. Considering how things had gone, he'd be pretty happy to see her again either way. With a grin that was, perhaps, a little impudent, tipped his nose toward the woman's shoulder in a gentle nudge. "One for the road, maybe?" he asked, only half-joking. Either way, he would part with fond memories of Amber, and - of course - a heart and head full of plans to see her again.

Whether she agrees or not, we can probably fade with your post / my next one if need be. Thanks for the babies thread!
September 22, 2016, 11:03 AM
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Loathe as she was to let him go, she knew that the world was harsh-only children kept the two linked, for now, but he clearly at least liked her a little or he wouldn't come back to her. His hug made everything better and Amber leaned into her lover, forgetting all about Springs possible anger or the fact that these children would be bastards if he didn't stay. Much of her wanted to beg him to stay, to ask him to be her mate reguardless of the life inside her-but the truth was, she barely knew him. Even the dream she was making up in her head was vauge, and the hopeless romantic could do nothing but wait.
And when he again promised to return, asked to to go again, well, every one of her worries just melted away with a gentle peal of her laughter. With another lick to his cheek, she nodded, turning to dance with him once again. 
                  "I think I can help you out." 

Their act, had the first one not, surely guarenteed pups-unless Amber herself couldn't have babies- but clearly that was something wanted. After they'd again separated, Amber placed a kiss on his muzzle and hummed her contentment to the knight in shining armor she'd come to see Grayday as. This time, he knew, he would leave her, and so she moved the few steps away to her edge of the mountain before plopping down to rest a little while. Her eyes kept on him wistfully, hoping dearly she would see him in the next couple of weeks. 

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