Ouroboros Spine a lonely company
Private  January 20, 2018, 10:48 AM

        just a little farther.
        she knew she should go back to tindome, but the wild snowfalls and peaks beckoned. mona headed north, toward the inexorable stretch of icy salt she had never before seen. the coast --donnelaith had been on the coast, she was told. the girl was lost, in truth; her footfalls stumbled often and hunting was scarce. and yet her stubborn yearling's brain did not position logic firsthand. delight would understand — mona wanted very much to serve the gentle moon-eyed creature who had allowed her a second chance.
        she weathered the worst of a morning storm in a thick forest; she slept there, exhausted by her trek and unwilling to consider that she had no idea how to get back to the tuktu. and when she awoke, the little mayfair shook off the snowflakes along her pelt and swallowed hard, stride still carrying her north.
        it was not until teeth held her that she stopped, marveling at the great round expanse that spelled certain death with a misstep — here was power, and the scarlet child drew in her breath sharply at the glissade of a sensation she had not before felt. she stood upon the edge of the spine, and experienced awakening to the ice-glistening glory of the jagged fangs curving widely.

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until march fifteenth, mona will be wearing a radio collar