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It was tremendously like home, and she didn't know why she hadn't explored it before. The walls glowed with various organisms and plants, the water sparkling underneath it all. It smelled different than Fellglow Keep, of course--like salt and sea, instead of the darker smells that lie beneath a forest. But there was magic, here, and for the first time in a long time, Maegi thought she could hear the whispers again.

It was early evening, and she was in the middle of it all, amazed. There was a faint orange hue to the air as the sun set in the west, and a cool breeze from that direction whistled past her, lifting all the hairs on her pelt. The puffs of air of far-off creatures--whales, she'd heard them called--were fountains in the ocean, further adornment to the waves.

She would have to return soon, to the land above, to check on all of her favorite people here. But for now, Maegi was content to sit and wonder at the water, Daedric prayers ringing in her ears.
July 18, 2018, 12:53 AM
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here have the shittiest post
Her ankle had been bothering her even after returning to the island and resting, but stubbornly Lainie refused to seek help. Breaking it had been a stupid mistake on her part. She'd just deal with the consequences, she figured. It was better than anyone knowing how much of an idiot she was.
When she stumbled across the other girl, she was in a mood far too sour to be taken aback by her appearance. It was— unusual, yeah, but whatever. Her ankle hurt. She stopped a few feet from the other, wondering what exactly she was... doing. Hi, She managed, sitting down to relieve the weight from her one good leg. It was starting to ache— her other leg was unusable for now.
July 18, 2018, 01:41 AM
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The sounds of an uneven gait, not unlike her own, reached her ears, and she looked up, intrigued. A grayscale girl was headed her way with a limp, looking dour. She sat down and offered a greeting, and Maegi dipped her muzzle in turn, smiling shyly. "Hey," she said in a hushed voice, the word echoing slightly off the walls.

Unable to keep herself from asking, she gestured at the other's paws, brows raised in curiosity. "Are you okay?" she queried, meeting the girl's eyes again. "You're limping." Maybe it was congenital, like her own deformity, but if not, perhaps she could be of some help. She had been tending to Teamouse for some time now, and he didn't seem to hold the same curse as Cicero or the dead mother. He was still here, and still alive. Maybe her luck as a healer had turned.
July 24, 2018, 11:26 PM
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        She tried to tame the flash of irritation at the girl's question— of course she wasn't okay. But she knew she meant well, so she took a moment to breathe and soften the sharp words sitting on her tongue. I think I broke my ankle, She told the pale girl, trying to focus on how pretty her eyes were to avoid looking at her marred facial features.
        Lainie didn't really expect she could help or anything— she looked younger than herself, and while that maybe didn't translate to just as clueless, it still didn't scream 'I can treat your broken ankle' to her. Some part of her hoped she could help, though; honestly, her ankle really fucking hurt. And she definitely didn't want either of the super-hot leaders to know— or Rokig. She didn't want to imagine that lecture.
July 24, 2018, 11:39 PM
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She gritted her teeth in sympathy, lips pulled back in a frown. "That sucks," she said, meaning it. Maegi was silent a moment, thinking. Comfrey for broken bones, that was the best stuff. . .but she was stuck on a painkiller for the girl. Sure, she could revisit the tried and true poppy seeds, but they addled the mind as well as the body. No, there must be something else. . .

Celandine. Maegi had overheard Hemlock mentioning that celandine was good for pain, and had less detrimental side effects than poppies. Yellow flowers, the healer had said, and she remembered seeing yellow flowers not far from where she knew a patch of comfrey was. In fact, it wasn't so far from the tunnels, at all. Her eyes lit up with the plan.

"Wait here," Maegi said excitedly, dipping her muzzle in an awkward fashion before skirting away, up and out of Fellglow Keep. She found the comfrey soon enough, and grasped a good clump, then she headed to the yellow, and took some of those flowers and leaves, as well. After gathering a respectable pile, big enough to do the job but small enough still for her to carry between her jaws, Maegi trotted back down to the caves, coming to a halt before the girl.

She started to chew the comfrey into a paste. "Can I put this on your ankle?" Maegi asked, looking up at her. "It will help mend the bone." Beside her, the celadine rested, lying in wait.
July 25, 2018, 12:21 PM
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        She could only blink when the girl told her to wait, but she listened to the instruction. The other seemed enthusiastic enough, so maybe that meant she knew what she was doing. It couldn't hurt, anyway. The wait wasn't actually long, but it felt like forever; lethargy was settling into her bones as the pale girl returned.
        Yeah, Lainie told her easily, yawning. Thanks, by the way. Where'd you learn about this stuff? She figured plant-paste on her ankle didn't pose any real danger, or she might have hesitated more, if only because she knew what the wrong plant could do to someone. Well, sort of. She'd heard enough about it to get the idea that you probably die or something.
July 25, 2018, 05:47 PM
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At the girl's acceptance, she spat the paste onto the ankle in question, being as gentle as possible as she smeared it over the swollen skin. "Hemlock and Reed have been teaching me a lot," she mused absently, looking over her handiwork. "My mother was a healer, but she didn't much like me. My father worked with poisons." She gave the ankle one last lick, then drew back, staring at Lainie.

"There, that should do the trick. Keep still for a while; try not to put much weight on it." Then she nosed the celandine toward the girl, a neat little pile. "That's celandine. It'll help the pain. You can eat it; it's like poppy seeds. Sorry if it tastes a little weird." While she waited for the girl to ingest the flowers and stems, she sat back, staring curiously at the other. "What's your name? I'm Maegi."


To the trained eye, there is a distinct difference between celandine and daffodil. Unfortunately for Lainie, Maegi's eye was far from trained (though she made up for it in enthusiasm). Celandine will heal; daffodil, when ingested, is toxic and can be fatal.

During the course of their onversation, Lainie began to seize, convulse, and eventually ceased breathing. Panicked, Maegi racked her brain for what best to do for the girl who had obviously died by her paw--yet another death she'd witnessed in her young life. This was undeniably her fault, and anyone who came across the grisly scene would know it. There was no way to fix this problem besides erasing it entirely.

The girl dragged the inert, lifeless body to the edge of the cave and pushed it into the sea; it plunged down, down, then bobbed up and out with the tide, a gray mass in the green-blue ocean. Trembling with the weight of what she had done, Maegi departed, knowing that this was a secret she must take to her grave---

No Undersea wolf must ever know what transpired in that cave.

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