Kaistleoki Pack Summary
Lush riverlands once devastated by quakes now bloom once more with the Kaistleoki wolves, who have returned to their homeland after months away in the southern parts of Hoshor Plains. The pack territory is in a state of recovery, but Kaistleoki remains true—their motto of new beginnings trives. A hard-working crew, the castle-themed pack is dedicated to trade advancement, encouraging their members to earn them, and has its own mentor-apprentice system.

xAlignment: Neutral Good

xBorder Regulations

xxxInterested in joining us? Use the “Joining” post icon and howl for the pack leaders at the borders.

xxxBorders are refreshed daily. Trespassers may be given a chance to run. Staying within pack territory following these warnings will result in non-consent rules, meaning landing hits and inflicting injury short of death are permissible without explicit permission. One serious injury required if staying past two rounds.

xxxThreads with Lone Wolves or non-allies may not be marked private. Members of Reneian Empire who meet the requirements for open borders may post freely and will not be met with aggression if found within the claim.


xxPings are quick links to recent KO threads that may be of interest, or achievements such as trade completions.

xxxJuly 8 — Speedy's kids are old enough to leave the den! Come meet them here!

xxxJuly 4 — Several reports from outside wolves have been made about a group forming to the north. All members are to be wary of a pack by the name of Saints of the Dying Light and avoid Ravensblood Forest unless directed otherwise.

xxxJune 11 — Happy 1 year anniversary KO! What better way to celebrate than welcome new life to the pack? Moonshadow has given birth to Ravaryn and Shiloh!

xPack Relations

Pack relations are official stances and all KO members are aware of them. All allies are welcome in our borders. Enemies are to be met with aggression if seen nearby.

xxx· Easthollow
xxx· Reneian Empire

xxx· Moonspear
xxx· "Ironsea" Rusalka
xxx· Saints of the Dying Light

xxx· N/A
17 Members
Founded on June 11, 2019
Managed by Hieronymous, Ira
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