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April 22, 2024, 01:57 PM
by Towhee

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8 hours ago
by Innominate
Sprawling across the far western region of the land, the Great Bear Wilderness is named such due to its intimidating mixture of terrain—and for the bears that seemed to have claimed these wilds as their own. From even the furthest vantage point of the bordering Flatland, mountainous slopes can be seen piercing the breasts of forests kept lush by uncultivated waters. Those with an adventurous heart will find challenges like no other in the belly of this particular beast... although caution is recommended for even the wildest of spirits.
You can count on me
8 hours ago
by Ajei
A glitteringly blue lake cuts an enormous swatch in the otherwise green and brown fabrics of the plain, which are named for Kintla, a wolf of legendary swiftness. It is said that she could outrun even the surest and fleetest of the four-legged beasts who made their homes in the cliffs and bluffs which spot the flatlands. Indeed, the great sprawl allows for the most vigorous of chases, whether it's on the heels of the abundant prey animals or simply in pursuit of the joy that a good gallop can bring.
suburban muse
1 hour ago
by Bard
High up on the Barrier Mountains, spring meltwater has pooled and begun rapidly flowing down the southwestern face of the summit. Facing large scale erosion, several layers of longstanding strata have cracked from the turbulent overflow, creating a series of catastrophic shale-filled mudslides that has leveled several ridges and created a floodplain in the lowlands below. While initially dangerous to cross, this newly exposed mountain pass has cut a swath in the previously impassable Barrier Mountains, revealing a stunning new territory known as Naaghai Lowlands!
I do not care to serve yo...
14 minutes ago
by Meseba
Rife with waterways, lakes and softly rolling hills, Rising Sun Valley is a luscious area that seems to always teem with life—and prey. Late afternoon finds the land shaded by the towering Sunspire Mountains, leaving its territories awash in a cool, refreshing dusk. Named for the unparalleled explosions of color as the sun crests the horizon, the valley is an idyllic place to call home. Many do, and never set foot beyond the mountainous wall to the valley's western edge, despite how alluring the pull of adventure beyond the valley can be.
1 hour ago
by Arlette
The battered Pacific shore is exactly as you might expect it: cold and rough. Most of the beaches are pebble and stone, and what sand exists is fairly coarse. But these shores, while harsh in their own way, play host to a unique ecosystem that gives the coastline its charm. Cliffs and crags stand tall above hidden seaside caves and the sea's bounty at times washes up on the ragged shore for collection and speculation. Guarding the entire coast are miles of beautiful forest, home to some of the most impressive and amazing trees in all the wilds: mature sequoias.
laughter of the past
3 hours ago
by Esma
The northernmost reaches of the Teekon Wilds are dangerous but beautiful. Comprised primarily of glacial plains and moraines, the terrain is rugged and at times difficult to travel on, but rewarding to see. Ice cold rivers criss-cross the taiga and a brisk wind blows at almost all times of the year. In the east forests have weathered the taxing conditions and give freely of their bounty, while mountain peaks and the glacier itself dominate the north. To the east, the world falls away in fractured cliffs and one can see the ocean for miles.
On sunlit days, it's no wonder how these sawtooths earned their collective name—the snowy mountaintops take on an aureate glow, with rivers of gold slithering down the crags like glistening lava. The bright colors stand out against the larger backdrop of rich green forestry, which deepens and darkens toward the foothills. In these cool, deep shadows between the mountains, predator and prey alike prowl quietly in the dusky, lush surroundings. Still, the greater adventures can be found on higher grounds, in the light—whether you want to take a daring climb along a ridge as dangerous and prickly as its name implies or take a more leisurely stroll up the staircase to the sunniest summit of all.
headfirst for halos
July 15, 2024, 03:00 PM
by Medalina
Bordered by impassible mountains and treacherous bogs, the Hinterlands had been largely ignored until a famine drove the wolves of the Wilds into its heart in search of sustenance. Although the region is untamed and its territories consist of difficult terrain, the landscape is unmatched; it is a lush and fertile wilderness. Those patient and resilient enough to make their way through the gauntlet that is the region's boundary are rewarded with virile wetlands, shielded forests, and protective mountains. It is named for the yearly migration of caribou, though the Hinterlands typically attract a large swath of prey year-round.
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may i be snuggling your m...
8 hours ago
by Etienne
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