Profile of Eset: Quick Facts
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Akashingo Fellahin
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Basic Info
Full Name: Eset
Subspecies: Coywolf
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 2 (september 16th)
Birthplace: Shuyet (East of the Teekon)
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At a Glance
Profile of Eset: Details

Duty-bound and tight-lipped. Externally meek; internally determined to reclaim control of the world around her. Wired to adapt with a belief that her value is in her work and so conditioned to use it to win affection.

Holds tight to compassion, but jaded. Beneath her submission is a meticulous, cunning girl mining for prospects.

Batty ears, a wide face and spindly build reveal her coyote ancestry.

Servant for Queen Toula, to whom she is loyal.
art by h2o <3

Hidden beneath the golden pinnacles of the prosperous Shuyet was the dynasty’s dark underbelly; the enslaved working class upon which the kingdom was built. This is where Eset’s life begins, born to a sickly, laboring coyote mother. Their only purpose was to fulfill every will of Shuyet’s aristocratic elite- their souls longed for freedom, but their bodies belonged to the dynasty.

It was not until whispers spread of the goodnatured Queen of Akashingo that Eset’s mother urged her daughter to seek a future elsewhere, distracting the guards and helping her to escape a bleak fate.

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AKASHINGO - (June 2023- Present) Fellahin
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