Profile of Inji: Quick Facts
avatar photograph by scott martin on flickr; artwork by twin and h2o
Akashingo Fellahin
Played By: Twin
Basic Info
Full Name: Jendayi "Inji" Sha'arawi
Subspecies: Red Wolf (canis rufus) x Eastern Wolf (canis lupus lycaon)
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1.9 (1.12.2022)
Birthplace: Minya (Outside of Teekon)
Profile of Inji: Details


Ghostly and fresh-faced. Cool-tinted grays with splatters of russet along her face, legs, and tail; charcoal accents. Tall and thin, as if she walks on stilts, with broad ears and a triangular head. As she ages, her coat will thicken and curl at the edges. Eyes of pale lavender.


ENFP, The Campaigner | 9w1, The Peacemaker

Currently, she is mostly timid and flighty, but charming and openly friendly. A little ditzy; always off in her own little world. Chatty and gregarious, always willing to talk or listen. Naive. Lacks a backbone.

Born accidentally to a roguish band of desert-dwellers to the far South. Inji was sent to seek better prospects in the Wilds.

Recently, she has found sanctuary in Akashingo, where she works as a fellahin for Queen Toula.

H2O <3
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