Profile of Valiant: Quick Facts
Moonglow Gamma
Mate to Vairë
Played By: mixedhearts
Basic Info
Full Name: Valiant Morningside
Subspecies: RMW 25% x ETW 25% x Grey Wolf 50%
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 4 (April, 2019)
Birthplace: Hushed Willows
At a Glance
[Image: nwEkj9o.png?1]

Lines by KFCEmployee.
Profile of Valiant: Details
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Medium-large. Well-muscled. Long legs for going fast. Snappy teeth. White pelt with a grey mask and a dark V across his back and shoulders. Paler, fainter speckles over his legs and unders. Rose gold eyes.

Image by Svarook.
A man never without a worry on his mind. Insecure in the permanence of packs and other wolves. Reluctant to allow attachments out of a deep-rooted fear of loss, but starved for connection and desperately seeking it all the same. At his core, he is a family man. He suffers without an array of loved ones to devote himself to.
Born to Sunny and Aliac in the Spring of 2019 alongside brother Aeryn and sister Minnow. The small family called the Hushed Willows home, and the wolves of Elysium their pack. In his youth, Valiant had a host of other similarly-aged wolves to grow alongside. During his time among the willows, his mother died and his siblings both went missing. Minnow was recovered twice, but Aeryn seemed to be lost.

When his aunt, Easy, joined Elyisum's dwindling ranks, his father made the decision to move the family, hoping to rekindle the family under the Morningside name. They were joined by Sunny's good friend, Steph, who Valiant took a liking to. During this trip into the wilderness in search of home (and his still-missing brother), the quakes began and separated the budding family. Valiant searched with his Aunt Easy for a time before she brought him to other family to await word of his father.

In the Round Valley pack (off site), Valiant got to know his Aunt Lavender and his great aunt, Sunspot. He had a host of similarly-aged cousins once more, and became close friends with Brave, Lavender's firstborn son.

In 2022, Valiant dispersed from Round Valley to seek something of his own.
Mate: Vairë
Vairë x Rhaegal 2023 — Ipiktok, Nasamiituuq, Salaksartok*
x Vairë 2024 — Nantahala “Lilyflower”, Yuralria “Lariat”, Ikniqpalagaqï “Lightfoot”

Paternal Grandparents: Grayday Corten and Amber Ciel
Maternal Grandparents: Akida and Atiena
Parents: Sunny Morningside and Aliac
Silbings: Minnow, Aeryn
Cousins: Brook, Stone, Journey, Brave Cam, Lana, Ziggy, Eldest, Dutch, Juniper, Winter, Storm, and Frost
Paternal Aunts and Uncles: Aditya, Dawn, Dauntless, Easy, Lavender, Huskarl, Kasatka, Winterbourne, and Eventide
Maternal Aunts and Uncles: Khali and Lily
Extra in-game relations: Seri, Soren, Spring, Fluer, Natashe, Illea, Kalik, Sunspot, Murdock, Shale, Pema, Timberlake, Radcliffe, Padma, Meadow, King, Valette, Marina
Pack History
ELYSIUMbirth - 07/30/2019
Profile of Valiant: Additional Information
Registered on January 01, 2019, last visited May 20, 2024, 04:51 PM

Gen 0: Sunspot, Shale, Grayday

Gen 1
Grayday & Amber 2016: Sunny , Dawn
Akuti & Fathi 2017: Preeti, Kipcha
Grayday & Akuti (Khoe, Bhediya) 2017: Dauntless, Lavender, Easy
Sunspot & Jarl 2018: Silversong*, Blueridge*, Valkyrie*, Saturnalia*
Grayday & Catori "Spiritwalker" 2018: Kasatka, Winterbourne, Eventide
Pema & Shale 2018: Timberlake, Radcliffe, Padma, Meadow
Sunspot & Jarl 2019: Ice Blink*, Noel*, Mercy*, Sonder*

Gen 2
Sunny & Aliac 2019: Valiant, Minnow, Hyacinth
Dawn & Aditya 2019: Brook , Stone
Aditya & Radha 2019: Satya, Surya, Shanthi
Lavender & Huskarl 2019: Journey*, Brave
Dawn & Artyom 2020: Frost, Storm, Juniper, Winter
Easy & Aditya 2020: Dutch , Eldest
Evergreen, Winterbourne, & Ira 2020: Dandelion, Blackberry, Wynter/Primrose, Nutmeg
Winterbourne & Thalia 2021: Marina
Aditya & Tytonidae 2022: Silktail/Shenanigans/"Ani", Waxwing
Easy & Aditya 2023: Jade, Rosewood, Persia
Meadow & Reyson 2023: Rhonen, Deja, Lotus, Niccolo
Easy & Warsbane 2024: Dreamgirl, Grayday, Steadfast
Adopted by Easy 2024: Sumac "Anurag" - born 2020

Gen 3
Hyacinth, Zephyr, & Wintersbane 2021: Dionysus, Hermes
Journey & Satya 2021: Samira*, Dani*
Eldest & Llewellyn ap Gwynedd 2022: Madhuri
Dutch, Slow West, & Auk 2022: Krait*, Kucing*, Coachwhip*, Catamaran*
Journey & Satya 2022: Lilac*, Zanna*, Mila*
Slow West & Shady Grove 2023: Slow Dance*, Irish Whiskey*, Honeybee*
Marina & Veran, & Naberius 2023: Carlisle, Brockleigh
Journey & Satya 2023: Stella*, Starla*
Chakliux & Nasamik 2023: Raiyuk
Vairë & Rhaegal 2023:[/b] Ipiktok, Salaksartok, Nasamiituuq
Adopted by Chakliux 2024: Matteo - born 2023
Chakliux, Marina, & Dutch 2024: Chagak, Puffin
Chakliux, Tullik, & Dutch 2024: Sirmiq, Kilalurak, Sea Hunter
Slow West & Shady Grove 2024: Navasota*, Rappahannock*, Brazos*, Mississippi*
Valiant & Vairë 2024: Nantahala “Lilyflower”, Yuralria “Lariat”, Ikniqpalagaqï “Lightfoot”
Minnow & Tuft 2024: Mzururaji, Asani, Usiku
Sumac & Raindrop 2024: Ponderosa, Silvertip, Pine, Angel Oak
Dutch & Simbelmyne 2024: Katmai, Seelie, Kitimat, Sirimiri

* names marked with an asteriks are adoptable
**Italics indicate the litter's children may not be recorded, or that there are unlisted siblings or half siblings.
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Art Credits
Avatar by Lauren! At-a-Glance lines by KFCEmployee, color by me. Appearance by Svarrook
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live and die on this day,
live and die on this day
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