Profile of Raindrop: Quick Facts
Played By: Maddy
Basic Info
Full Name: Raindrop
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2 years old (May 20 2021)
Birthplace: Cascade national park
At a Glance
{Thin build, due to lack of full meals and traveling. She’s trying to maintain weight with the cold season coming.}

When seen at a glance, you will notice her beautiful grey pelt with tan, her athletic build, and her fluffy fur. When up close, her blue eyes are captivating, her smile heartwarming. When in motion, she appears to elegantly glide, especially when trotting. Her legs are built for long strides, and she is fast.
Profile of Raindrop: Details
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A wolf with light and dark hues of grey shading along with white. She has red points on her snout, face, and ears. Her legs, sides, and tail are adorned with blonde. She has a Dark tail tip and dark grey. Her striking Light blue eyes pierce your soul, and her body is built for athletics. She is not too tall, nor too short, her height is average for a female grey wolf.

Her fullbody reference Image in ⬇️
Once fearful and nervous, she has now become used to her life as a loner thus far. However, she cautions herself around strangers.

But after opening up, and getting know her, rain has a caring personality. She is respectful, patient, and fun loving. She can be a flirt at times. When you befriend her, you will have made a lasting relationship. But never do anything to break her trust.

Noticeable traits: Caring, friendly, patient, submissive, happy, trusting, nervous (occasionally at first meeting), shy (at first), orderly.
Raindrop was born in the beautiful Cascade National park to a small pack. She was the only pup born to her parents, at that time. When she reached a year old, she was captured and relocated to Montana, by conservationists hoping to bring new wolf blood to their wildlands.

Late in the night, she was released into the Teekon Wilds. Since this moment, she has become alone and frightened. She has no pack or place to call home, and so her search begins. Will she find the perfect pack?
Mother: Assumed alive
Father: Assumed alive
Siblings: Unknown — Possible other siblings

Friends: Slavuj,
Love interest: Searching
Pack History
Loner — May 20th, 2023 to Present)

Traveling the Teekon wilderness in search of her perfect pack. But joining a pack is not guaranteed, unless it’s a Goldilocks situation.
Profile of Raindrop: Additional Information
Registered on May 21, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
Raindrop's Signature
Active weekdays: Monday (evenings), Saturday, Sunday — Most evening times are open (PST: Pacific Standard Time)
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Player Notes
I reply when I can, and have the time.

I love plotting with characters.

If I don’t reply to a thread, feel free to nudge me. ;)

Hello! I’m Maddy, a wolf role-player and artist. I have been Role playing for about 4 years, mainly wolf based, but I have also done mammals and fantasy too. My favorite thing about the RP scene is building characters and relationships, and illustrating scenes between characters.

I am usually very prompt about responding, but because of real-life appointments each week, starting college and other life happenings, I will have times where responses will be delayed. If I can, I will let people know in advance when I will be absent.

I hope to make friends here, and have fun.
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