Profile of Greyfalcon: Quick Facts
Raventhorpe Njósn
Played By: C.C/Annie
Basic Info
Full Name: Greyfalcon
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Age: 2.5 years old (November 19, 2020)
Birthplace: Alone in the Canadian wilderness
NPC Guidelines
Either hanging out with Solveig, her niece and nephews or her bird. Sometimes scouting the territory borders.
At a Glance
They would see an athletic wolf with a medium build and a feather soft grey pelt. When she turns to look at you, her eyes are a hazel green with a strong but gentle expression.

Often times accompanied by a sub adult/juvenile Gyrfalcon on her right shoulder or soaring above her (when moving).
Profile of Greyfalcon: Details
Her pelt is soft like feathers with different shades of grey and white. Her eyes are hazel with light green. Her fur is usually ruffled due to genetics, but she can slim it down if she tries.
Her build is medium but athletic. Her legs are long and strong, making her a good runner and hunter.
[Image: COS9hke.png]
She is usually unselfish and approachable, with a focus of great skill and great attention to detail. She’s thoughtful, steady, and reliable. Things don't accidentally fall through the cracks in her world. She likes structure and precision, and she can tend to be a perfectionist. As kind as she is however, just like all wolves she can often fall victim to a bad day. She’s likes to think of herself as a guardian of sorts.
Born outside the Teekons in the wilds of Canada. She left her pack of origin in search of something new. Once arriving to the Teekon Wilds, she seeked refuge in a pack called Hjordfell. A medium sized pack up in the mountains of the keep.

After a while getting to know the pack mates, she found a connection with Solveig, a warrior turned leader. Some time later, she scouted out for new refugees near the areas of Moontide and beyond, meeting the kindful beta Heph.

Now after this, pre winter the pack made the move to the plateau of black tail in the flatlands. This was her and her chosen family’s new home.

As of now, she is not looking for a mate.
Mother & Father- Alive (NPCs)
Siblings- none
Solveig- Close friend and leader
Baldr, Leifa, & Nazair- beloved Niece and nephews
Lil’bit- Gyrfalcon companion
Pack History
Hjordfell: Óskírðr (new pack member yet to be initiated….
RavenThorpe: Njósn (scout, devoted to challenging tasks)
Profile of Greyfalcon: Additional Information
Registered on May 21, 2023, last visited 11 hours ago
[Image: aTbEElb.png]
Art Credits
Avatar by Mixedhearts and profile art by Rainchaser, and appearance photo by Thyra :D
Greyfalcon's Signature
“If it should happen that you don’t wake up tomorrow, will this have been a life that meant something?” Hawkeye Pierce
Attached Accounts
Player Notes
Hi, I’m a student/artist/animal keeper who has a moderately busy life. Aside from keeping busy I like to spend my weekends roaming the beach collecting collectibles, smelling the sea and watching eagles and the like. During the week I’m usually working on finishing my last classes before the end of the school year or out shopping for grocery’s.
Things I enjoy are Falconry and any other bird related things, musicals like Les Miserables, and normal music such as Christian, country, contemporary and instrumentals. TV series such as M*A*S*H, Hogans Heroes, Green acres, etc. also make up my spare time hobbies.
I also love among us, I'm always down for a round or two. Collecting and making keychains is another thing I enjoy, often times my backpack will be covered in them haha.
So I’m always open to chat about any of these things if you’re a fellow fan. :)
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