Profile of Heph: Quick Facts
Played By: Lepos
Basic Info
Full Name: Heph
Subspecies: Canis Lupus (Grey Wolf)
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: cis female
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Age: 2 (4/15/2020)
Birthplace: East of the Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
Heph is a largely black/grey/white colored wolf with brown eyes, she is about 32" and 160 Ibs. She has a long but older scar on her right shoulder, and is of average build.
Profile of Heph: Details
Black phase wolf, black fur along the back ears, and interspersed along the flanks, ruff, shoulder, and face. Dark grey fur on most of the face and sides. Light/white fur on muzzle, mane, around the face, and belly. Brown eyes. Approx. 32" and 160 Ibs

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manipulation of dawnthieves photo:
Heph is more reckless than she is cautious, and has a playful oftentimes flirtatious attitude. Despite feeling somewhat lonely she is hesitant and even skeptical of forming long-lasting attachments, though she is not naturally distrustful of others. She is generally casual and easy-going in her encounters, and has a hard time taking things seriously or taking responsibility. She is fairly accepting of others and accepts that those around her change and the state of the world also changes, while she may not expect things to be different she is not surprised if her environment or friends around her become different.

While her early life prepared her to survive and she grew up learning how to hunt and fight and participate in pack life she was neither especially talented or ambitious and mostly enjoyed doing what sounded fun in the moment.
Heph was born somewhere east of the Teekon wilds into a small pack that contained most of her family. In her litter she had one sister and one brother. Their pack looked after them and the pups were mostly sheltered from external danger and free to play and explore with supervision. As they grew older they began following the rest of the pack on hunts and learning the skills that would allow them to survive and take up roles that would benefit the pack. Her siblings remained close even as they began to differentiate themselves. During a pack-wide hunt her brother died after receiving multiple kicks from a moose and several other pack members including Heph were injured. Her parents blamed the new leader of the pack, her sister blamed the younger generation of hunters, and when the dust settled quite a few wolves had decided to leave, Heph among them.

After breaking off from her pack she wandered for awhile, but eventually wanted a place to learn and call her own. She headed to the Teekon wilds and found that the area a good mix of the familiar and unfamiliar and decided to stay.
former family & pack (outside Teekon) - estranged
Pack History
Profile of Heph: Additional Information
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Player Notes
Hello I'm Lepos! A few things:

- I use she/her/hers pronouns
- I check discord fairly regularly so please feel free to reach out to me there (for plotting, tagging/nudging, chatting, etc.) Lepos is my discord handle as well
- I usually try to reply within the week but I'm not super fast at replying so if you're looking to spree and would prefer to skip me please let me know
- I'm down for ooc plotting or letting things develop ic-ly so if you'd like to discuss how/where a thread is going feel free to shoot me a message! Sometimes my characters think they're going one way and I have other plans
- If you ever feel uncomfortable with a thread or my ooc behavior please let me know
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