01. The Teekon Wilds
March 13, 2015, 03:44 PM
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Game Setting: Teekon Wilds

Wolf takes place in a fictional region of the Pacific Northwest called the Teekon Wilds. There is no human involvement, though characters may know of humans from their past lives, and the untouched wilds feature a diverse range of territories, flora, and fauna. As far as climate and general appearance go, the Teekon Wilds are loosely based on Glacier National Park.

Flora & Fauna

Frequent fauna is as follows: bighorn sheep, Canadian lynx, grizzly bears, elk, mountain goats, moose, white-tailed deer, red foxes, ducks, geese, and swans. For more information, click here for an exhaustive list of mammals and here for an exhaustive list of birds.

The majority of the forests in the wilds are coniferous, comprised primarily of Engelmann spruce, Douglas fir, subalpine fir, limber pine and western larch. There are still some deciduous forests where cottonwood and aspen trees are very common. Towering sequoias and ash trees can be found bordering the coast. Common wildflowers include monkeyflower, glacier lily, fireweed, balsamroot and Indian paintbrush, with beargrass prevalent in late summer. For more detail on the flora of the wilds, click here.

Climate & Seasons

Due to the vast size and variance in elevation in the wilds, there are many different climates and microclimates. In general, the wilds experiences all four seasons, but the lakes are cold all year round and snow caps the mountains even in the heat of summer. Current in-game weather is always displayed in the sidebar.

Spring: 35F to 65F · 2C to 18C
The wet season. It's not unusual for a rainstorm to dump over 3 inches of rain in a day. The sun tends to appear in the form of sun breaks and partly cloudy days.

Summer: 45F to 80F · 7C to 27C
Rain is rare but possible. The heat is manageable and humidity is low everywhere but the coastline, which may be quite humid. Snow may still occur on mountaintops.

Autumn: 15F to 55F · -9C to 15C
Temperatures fluctuate wildly at this time of year. Rain becomes increasingly common toward the end of November and snow may appear as early as October.

Winter: 10F to 35F · -12C to 2C
Snow accumulation varies from a few inches on the shore to over 10 feet in the eastern reaches of the wilds. The sky is typically overcast and sun breaks are rare. Snowstorms are not uncommon.


Click here for the Teekon Wilds map. There is also a link to the map in the sidebar under Teekon Wilds, below the weather widget.

Regions & Territories

The Teekon Wilds encompasses seven discovered regions. From right to left, these are: Snowforest Taiga, Rising Sun Valley, Sunspire Mountains, Sequoia Coast, Kintla Flatlands, Great Bear Wilderness, and Tuktu Hinterlands. Each region is further divided into various territories. As the game grows and evolves, new territories and new regions are likely to be discovered and added.

(View an image version of the full game map here)